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How to make Relationships work for you!


Relationships can be challenging, yet they teach us valuable and insightful lessons, enabling us to look deeper within, questioning our motives, desires and the way we think about ourselves. Relations give us opportunities to unlock the essence of our nature, making us more vulnerable, open, understanding and appreciative of life in general. Continue Reading

The Science of Healthy Eating


Preparing food has been part of our DNA for many thousands of years, a creative activity that brings us in contact with nature, the seasons, and above all with ourselves. Only since the last decades have we been choosing fabric and comfort foods above self-prepared meals. Continue Reading

The Relationship between Guts and Brain

guts and brain

Already 2000 years ago, Hippocrates said: “All disease starts in the intestines.” He understood how profoundly our brain is related to our guts. Not only do they have a similar structure, but research also confirms that what goes on in our gut, relates to what happens in our brain. The better we take care of our intestines, the better is the working of our brain. Continue Reading

The Truth about Cancer

truth about cancer

Cancer affects our lives in very profound ways. Even if we don’t have it ourselves, we always know someone, nearby or further away, who is suffering from it. Annually 14 million new cases of cancer are reported, and 8 million people die from cancer every year. Nearly 30.000 people die of cancer every day. Continue Reading

Improve Your Joy in Life


We all know people that appear very comfortable within their own skin, with a sense of strengths and positive energy around them. Their unseen aura of balance and peacefulness is very appealing and it feels good to be near to them.  Continue Reading

Spirituality is the Sacred in Every Moment

spirituality is the sacred in every moment

Spirituality is recognising that we are all connected to each other and to a higher force that is greater than anything we can imagine. A powerful connection that is grounded in love and gratitude, with conscious growing, deepening, evolving and becoming a living reflection of our spiritual identification. Continue Reading

The Cat as Life Teacher

cat as life teacher

Cats are considered to be zen masters, excellent yoga practitioners, loving companions and proven to possess remarkable healing powers. We can learn so much from these beautiful and mysterious house tigers; by just observing them and being close to them, they become our living Buddha’s! Continue Reading

Stay Young and Healthy with Deacidification

young and healthy with de-acidification

The majority of people in our modern society suffer from acidification, without being aware of it; caused by increasing intake of toxic and acid-forming foods, such as processed sugars, artificial sweeteners, refined grains, conventionally produced meat and dairy, and not to forget hidden genetically modified organisms. These foods overburden our immune system, which becomes disordered. Continue Reading

The Healing Power of Turmeric

The healing power of turmeric

More and more are we learning about the healing power of herbs and spices. Herbs and spices not only bring flavour to our dishes, but they also provide us nutritional value and a healthy weight balance. Scientific research increasingly shows that herbs and spices can prevent disorders and can decrease the reduction of symptoms. Continue Reading

Manifesting Wealth in Your Life

manifesting wealth

Wealth is not found in the money we collect, but in recognising our talents and the value, we place upon our innate worth. It is the force of life that creates momentum to manifest from our inner wealth, simultaneously opening a portal to receive abundance and rewards. When we work in alignment with our hearts calling, the universe becomes our employer that fully supports us in every step of the way. Continue Reading

Shine your Light


Light is what we are, igniting from the energy body as a reflection of our soul. It is seated within our heart and is expressed through love. It is the ever present and sacred energy of our being, in this human life and beyond. It is the part of us that never dies and has chosen for the experiences we have in this human incarnation. Continue Reading

Moving beyond Fear

moving beyond fear

Fear is the absence of love and a part of the material world, dividing our human experiences into positive and negative ones. It is a strong emotion dismissing change and the unexpected, with a strong need to control the process of life. Fear is wandering in the past and resists the future, creating separation and confusion. Continue Reading

Inner Peace is the Heartbeat of the Universe

Inner Peace is the Heartbeat of the Universe

Inner peace is the heartbeat of the universe and available to us all, we only need to become aware of it. It is a place where everything works in harmony and balance. Our ability to manifest inner peace is to simply be in the flow of life, allowing life to unfold in its own perfect way, without stress or worry. Continue Reading

Creativity is Cultivating Beauty and Opportunities

creativity is cultivating beauty

In general, when we think of creativity, we think about art, dance, music, photography, designing or anything which has the essence to create visual beauty. It is the reason why we love going to museums or the theatre, listen to music or watch architectural designs. It inspires us and awakens the creator within. Continue Reading

Health Care is a Way of Living

Health Care Awareness a Lifestyle

In today’s world, modern health care is more emphasised on disease and the fighting of symptoms, than the improvement of our overall health. A lot of people are having a lack of energy, too much body fat and suffer from diverse chronicle ailments such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Diseases caused by our lifestyle, eating habits and the level of stress we experience.

Continue Reading

Chi Energy, the Force of Life

Chi energy, the Force of Life

Chi is a radiant energy field, a subtle life force that penetrates through everything in the universe and keeps life flowing. It is the thread that runs through all that breathes, giving meaning and spirit to life. As a result, we are always connected to this magnificence field of chi energy, the  force of life, within ourselves and each other, with the animals and nature, our solar system and the universe itself. Continue Reading

Responsibility Brings Maturity

Responsible for your own journey

Accepting personal responsibility for the evolving of the journey of our life is to recognise our inner strength and our ability to create meaningful lives. Each day and every moment we have the freedom and opportunity to make our personal choices.  Continue Reading

Baking Soda – An All Purpose Solution

Baking soda, purifying salt

Baking Soda, also knows as Natrium Sodium Bicarbonate, is a purifying salt consistency, which has is in countries like the United States and the United Kingdom for over a century. Today, its increasing popularity is spreading all over the world, because of its purifying quality and multifunctional purposes. Not only in the kitchen and household, but also for personal care and health.
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