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March 2015

HSP as a Gift


Up to 20% of humanity is born as a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP). These people mostly have very intuitive and empathic personalities and are easily overpowered when surrounded by big crowds. As a result they often feel confused and socially challenged, and therefore can become very uncertain of themselves.

You are most likely an HSP if you agree to more than one of the following:

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The Healing Wonders of Coconut Oil


If you are interested in health and nutrients, you might have noticed the powerful claims and benefits assigned to coconut oil. Coconut oil is a medicinal food that has a positive effect on nearly all of our body functions. The list of benefits is long; I will just name a few:

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Do You Follow Your Heart


It often takes time to find out what our true purpose in life is. Some people know already at early childhood what they want to become. However, for most of us it is a step-by-step process to find out what our heart is calling for.

I recall and embrace those moments of recognition, appearing as a ‘light bulb’ moment, with a clear feeling or vision about the new direction of my life. A feeling that gives a sense of excitement, gratefulness and inner peace.

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"Throughout my life I've worked through many life processes with the assistance of spiritual teachers, writers and guru's. However, the real change occurred when applying this knowledge into my daily life, directed with the wisdom of my heart and soul".Read More>>


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