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September 2015

Chi Energy, the Force of Life

Chi energy, the Force of Life

Chi is a radiant energy field, a subtle life force that penetrates through everything in the universe and keeps life flowing. It is the thread that runs through all that breathes, giving meaning and spirit to life. As a result, we are always connected to this magnificence field of chi energy, the  force of life, within ourselves and each other, with the animals and nature, our solar system and the universe itself. Continue Reading

Responsibility Brings Maturity

Responsible for your own journey

Accepting personal responsibility for the evolving of the journey of our life is to recognise our inner strength and our ability to create meaningful lives. Each day and every moment we have the freedom and opportunity to make our personal choices.  Continue Reading

Baking Soda – An All Purpose Solution

Baking soda, purifying salt

Baking Soda, also knows as Natrium Sodium Bicarbonate, is a purifying salt consistency, which has is in countries like the United States and the United Kingdom for over a century. Today, its increasing popularity is spreading all over the world, because of its purifying quality and multifunctional purposes. Not only in the kitchen and household, but also for personal care and health.
Continue Reading

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"Throughout my life I've worked through many life processes with the assistance of spiritual teachers, writers and guru's. However, the real change occurred when applying this knowledge into my daily life, directed with the wisdom of my heart and soul".Read More>>


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