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Chi Energy, the Force of Life

Chi energy, the Force of Life

Chi is a radiant energy field, a subtle life force that penetrates through everything in the universe and keeps life flowing. It is the thread that runs through all that breathes, giving meaning and spirit to life. As a result, we are always connected to this magnificence field of chi energy, the  force of life, within ourselves and each other, with the animals and nature, our solar system and the universe itself.

What is happening within us, is mostly a reflection of what is happening outside of our spectrum. Astrology shows us how the energy of our planetary system, their position and activities influences our human lives in very profound and tangible ways here on planet earth.


To experience chi as part of our reality, we need to connect ourselves to a source of energy, which is seated in the soul.The sacred place of divinity which holds the foundation of our potential. What we manifest into this world is ultimately a reflection of our personal belief system, which is always in perfect alignment with the energy we emit.

The energy we hold determines to a large extend the quality of our focus, and our focus determines the quality of our manifestations. Therefore, the major part of what we create in life is manifested through our thinking. We are the masters of our own life and dreams. Our mind would not have the capacity to hold a dream if we did not have the capability to make them come true. It is our task to align our thinking with the energy of our heart and soul, envision it, feel it and be it.


Our minds are mostly trained and used to direct thoughts and energy in conventional ways, developing our creative, linguistic and social abilities. Helpful for sure, but we could increase the benefits by using our capacities to direct the mind’s energy in a more focussed way. Getting access to our subconscious mind, the area where our sixth sense resides. The inner voice and the place where our intuitive capabilities are seated. Giving us the ability to sense the change in the energy field that surrounds the earth and all of us.

Intuition is our inner guidance”, the holder of our wisdom, gained both in this life and previous ones. If we develop this part of our mind, we become masters of wisdom, transcending individual abilities and skills, leading us to people and circumstances that are beneficial to our growth and personal goals.


The body is often taken for granted, and we only tend to listen to it when it gives us discomfort or pain. Unfortunately, because our body is the antenna of our chi-energy field, sending subtle signs how it feels or where it needs our attention.
Imagine how just stretching our arms can change the entire energy field of our body. At the same time it also influences our way of thinking and feeling. It is the basis of practicing yoga, tai-ji or qi gong, which increases our energy by just following certain movements and postures, cultivating mental clarity, peacefulness and inner strength. When our chi flows freely we radiate health and harmony, which is beneficial for our entire well-being.


Feelings are related to our inner chi. In combination with our body and mind, they form the triangle of our human existence. Our inner chi is exposed to events happening outside of us in the physical world. This affects our feelings adequately, which are by nature changeable and sensitive to outside influences. Think about how you feel when the sun warms you up on a cold day, or when having a good time with people you love. In these moments, our chi flows openly and we feel empowered. Needless to say how negative circumstances influence our chi and feelings. However, as human beings we need to experience both, to learn, grow and mature. By becoming aware of this, we can open ourselves to find balance and a gateway to release blocked energy.

Chi Energy, the Force of Life


Various energy techniques can help us in the process to bring alignment in our energy field. Some of these techniques are very easy to apply, regardless of our age, physical or emotional state:

  • consciously breathing for one or two minutes
  • spending time on your own, in silence
  • being in nature
  • listening to music
  • dancing

Other techniques that require some teaching or practice are:

  • meditation
  • tai-ji
  • yoga
  • qi gong
  • energy healing such as Reiki (for self and others)
  • breathing exercises
  • chakra balancing

Within Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) chi-energy is used to transmit chi in our energy field and neutralise energy blockages, promoting health and well-being. It is the basis for most complementary therapies, like acupuncture, acupressure, cupping, homeopathy and shiatsu.


Energetically thriving to feel balanced in our body, mind and feelings are the basis for living a spiritual life. Investing time and energy in all of them equally will be the best investment we will ever make, not just for our self but for whatever flows out of it.

Creator of Practical Life Guide. A practical guide for living a meaningful life with joy and purpose.


  • ranjna

    Love your posts Monique <3

  • Gabriela Donescu

    I must admit that my knowledge of Chi and all other spiritual things have been pretty limited until more recently …and I have you to thank for opening my eyes to the matter , my dear Monique ! I’m one of those people that more all less followed my intuition for most of my life … even though , I believe my intuition served me right so far , I so much enjoy understanding more about how we function in accordance with the energy the Universe provides … I am now using , even without knowing it in advance , some of the techniques you’re advising on … those things sort of just came into my life and felt right … there must some “order” for the things we learn and when we do …iIwish I had someone like you to help me understand and learn earlier , my dear Monique …but , you know what , I’m very grateful to have you in my life now …it’s never too late , is it !??!
    Thanks again for all you do ! Blessings and hugs to you !

    • Monique

      I’m pleased to hear you enjoyed reading my ‘Energy’ blog Gabriela dear…. especially knowing that this subject is not really an area that has your most interest! Interesting to hear that your intuition still lead you to ‘situations’ our ‘actions’ which are good for you. The way of life… and it really doesn’t matter whether we are aware of the energy behind it or not, as it always works in its own magical way if we are willing to listen to our inner voice. However, we do have the ability to expand its working if we become aware of it. and YES, it is never to late to become aware of anything, as it is our purpose in life…. to keep learning, growing and maturing!!
      Thank you for being such wonderful and sincere friend! I’m grateful for your presence in my life and learning so much from you too!
      LoveLight Blessings to you! ♡

      • Gabriela Donescu

        My dear , wise , Monique …your words always humble me ! I’m so glad to have you in my life as well …so much to learn and be aware of … your insight is a real blessing !

  • Vera-Ann

    Thank you, love your posts ! Hugs x

  • Monalisa Joshi

    Hello Monique what an amazing topic brought forth this time…amazing. I have known this that we are all surrounded by some energy and the same flows within but mostly I have called it or heard from the people saying positive energy or negative energy. But I have honestly never heard of ‘ Chi’. And you have explained it so well , I do feel flow of energy in my body sometimes…there are vibrations or twitching in my body and this happens mostly at nights or when I am alone. But yes you have said it so right that we are all energy beings because I have often felt when I meet someone in person my energy automatically read the vibes of that person and if I don’t get good vibes I keep myself at safe distance. I have started listening to my intuitions and they always guide me right and I never take the energy loosely. Yes the stretches are always so good to do after waking up or even during my walk I feel the happy and good vibes flowing within me. But now I know it is Chi that flows and connects us to all life sources. Thank you Monique so much for this valuable information and you have written it with such flow and vividness that the Chi wisdom in you is visible throughout the article. <3

    • Monique

      Thank You Monalisa for your insightful comment and heartfelt words!
      ‘Chi’ is referred to as ‘Prana’ in India, of which you have most probably heard… it is the same thing! Actually the wisdom of ‘Chi’ and ‘Prana’ mostly comes from the far east and I’m sure, it is more integrated in your culture than ours, perhaps with different words, referrals and symbols.
      Your personal experience are very much related to what Gabriela experienced in her life as well, you’ve used it without being aware of the workings of chi. We all have it and we are all part of it, aware or unaware. However, the more we are connected to our intuition, the better we can feel it and work with it! By becoming more aware of it we can enhance its workings, always helping us into the direction of our soul purpose!
      Thank you once again dear friend for your valuable input!
      Much Love and Namaste ♡

  • Maria Susana Garcia

    Chi for me is very important .. We all must awake and enjoy Chi … I can see you know a lot about Chi wisdom … Blessings my dear friend Monique … and many thanks

    • Monique

      Indeed ‘chi’ is very important, especially to you as a singer Maria dear, as the balance of your tones and vibes will be audible in your voice. At the same time singing is a perfect way to bring inner balance and use ‘chi’ in its most beneficial way!
      Thank you and Blessings my friend! ♡

  • Karen

    ​I’ve loved all your blogs Monique, and have learned so much from them too, but this one resonates in an extra extra special way for me, and I have loved reading it….and reading it a second time too!

    For too long I would say to people “I don’t really know and understand about chakras and alignment, chi, flow/universal energy and etc.” And then not really do anything about furthering what very little knowledge I had! Much much later I started periodic healing sessions when needed with a wonderful healer for a problem I had concerning something serious I was diagnosed with​ a while ago, the symptoms and effects of which can be both difficult and at times extremely painful. It was with and through this healer that I started to become aware of the importance of alignment, chakras, flow, energy, and much else besides. I then became further interested and started to open to learning more and more about it/them.

    It is no wonder your beautiful blog has so resonated with me this time! 🙂

    Thank you Monique, and also for the gems within it which have and will help me further. You are an angel in my life, Blessings, and thank you. ♡♡


    • Monique

      Thank You Karen dear for your lovely comment! So pleased to hear that ‘again’ this blog feels so special to you! It seems like we met at the right time, resonating so well with one another. Interesting to hear how you became involved in energy healing, learned the wonderful workings of it and integrated it as part of your life. I really admire you for this!! Especially because your specific aliment seems so medical related… however I’m very grateful for you that you found this beautiful way to work on your health. I truly believe that we, as human beings, have the ability to heal ourselves from anything if we are open enough to accept it and willing to take the responsibility!
      Not always easy, but so worth it!
      Thank you once again beautiful friend for your acknowledgment and infinite generosity.
      Much Love to you! Namaste _/|\_

  • Frances

    Loved reading this, dearest Monique, especially since it’s something I don’t often give much conscious thought to. To me it’s a great reminder to stay attuned to the flow (or lack thereof) of energy within myself, and to consciously realign my energy, when needed, through the simple techniques you mentioned. Although I’ve always automatically turned to nature when my energy feels unbalanced, the simple act of conscious breathing is something which I find to be incredibly helpful, but which I too often fail to think about or do – and it’s so simple!

    Thanks again for your helpful and uplifting sharing, Beloved Sis, and I’d just like to comment on how I absolutely LOVE the way your newsletter and blog are regularly presented, and how absolutely gorgeous I find your web page to be. It’s all so beautifully laid out and illustrated, and even just to gaze on any of these things is uplifting in itself! 🙂

    You and your chi energy are such a blessing to so many of us, Beautiful Soul 🙂 Namaste _/l\_

    • Monique

      *smiling* Thank you Frances dear for your most wonderful compliments to the presentations of my blogs and newsletters! I love knowing that my efforts, to present it in a beautiful and attractive way, are noticed. ❥‿⁀

      Interesting to hear that actually most people are not always aware of the flowing of the chi energy, but on a feeling and/or intuitive level we all seem to work with it in our own perfect way. Like the calming effects on being in nature or on the beach, is something most of us are aware or when something ‘doesn’t feel right’, which is really the energy we sense. I’m happy to know that my blogs can be used as a reminder to that which we already know deep inside… conscious or unconscious!

      Thank You Precious Sis for your friendship and heartwarming comments. I feel so privileged to be surrounded with such loving soul family!! ♡
      Much Love and Namaste _/|\_

      • Frances

        Dearest Monique, I always have noticed the beauty of the presentation of your newsletter, blog, and website, yet have somehow consistently ‘forgotten’ to comment on it!

        Yes – I do think we’re all, at least to some degree, tuned in to our personal energy and to those things which are likely to rebalance us, yet I feel there’s such benefit to be had by being CONSCIOUS of where we’re at, and of the choices we have to uplift ourselves. It can make such a huge difference to our state of health and wellbeing! So, once again, I thank you for helping to make us more conscious of the choices we have in our lives, Beloved Sis.

        Namaste, and much Love to You and All _/l\_

  • Catherine DePino

    Excellent post, Monique!

    I have always believed in the power of chi. Tai chi is something I’ve done and greatly enjoyed. Believe it or not, I get some of the same feelings and benefits from doing Zumba. (I see that you put dancing on your list). This type of dancing helps you become one with the music and affects you deeply, body and soul.

    Great article, Monique! It can help a lot of people.

    Kind regards,

    • Monique

      Thank You Catherine for your appreciation! I’m a very big fan of Tai chi myself, I’ve practiced it for many years and I still benefit from it when doing it at home!! Good to know about Zumba, I had no idea it had those extra qualities you’ve mentioned!
      Blessings and warm wishes to you _/|\_

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