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Creativity is Cultivating Beauty and Opportunities

creativity is cultivating beauty

In general, when we think of creativity, we think about art, dance, music, photography, designing or anything which has the essence to create visual beauty. It is the reason why we love going to museums or the theatre, listen to music or watch architectural designs. It inspires us and awakens the creator within.


As children, we created our own envisioned reality, with our imagination and the tools we had. By being in the moment, we spontaneously expressed our joy and creativity and became the star of our own universe. Unfortunately, as we grow up we often lose touch with this part of ourselves and stop doing what we loved doing as children.

Let’s be honest, don’t we all love to create something beautiful, while being engaged to the infinite flow of inspiration. To create from a place of connection, with our soul and inner child, with an open and carefree mind. A place where time stands still and where we become aware of our deepest desires to express ourselves in our own unique way.

creativity cultivates opportunities

Conscious Creating

More than anything else, creativity is a state of consciousness in which we enter our deepest and innermost source of possibilities. We don’t need to be a professional artist or designer to be creative, we all have it within us to produce something beautiful. Our intuitive senses become very helpful to bring these personal gifts and talents to the surface.

Next to art and music, one might be gifted in cooking, sewing, writing, gardening or any other area. The most important ingredient is our authenticity to express ourselves in a way which feel good and natural to us. Intuition and creativity enhance each other’s ability to expand the field of manifestation. Through the act of manifestation, we discover a depth of creativity and talents which enriches our lives and that of the people around us.

Way of Life

Apart from expressing our artistic side, we can use creativity to give meaning to our existence, by being resourceful in finding ways to keep moving forward. Allowing ourselves to think outside of the box, resulting in original and unique approaches to a particular task or problem solving.

way-of-living4It is what Albert Einstein meant when he said: “Creativity is intelligence having fun”. He referred to our ability to discover the potential of our own being, to access our inner genius and the abundant creativity that lives within each and one of us. Not in the least place to enjoy our life’s journey and find creative solutions to what comes our way.  Life is full of challenges, we might as well find joyful and practical ways to deal with them.

Cultivating Opportunities

Humanity has proven to be able to survive during harsh conditions, because of their resourceful ability’s. During moments of adversity, our creative capacity seems to draw strength from an infinite source of possibilities, to find solutions and add value to our existence. Any challenge can motivate us to create the life we always dreamed of, by applying the needed changes to improve it.

Living with a positives attitude, encourages and enable us to turn a crisis into an opportunity and a challenge into a change. The disemployment crisis, for example, has encouraged many people to drastically change their career for the better, or to become self-employed and create the change they like to see in their world. Our current environmental crisis is another prove how it has stimulated many persons and companies to find innovative and sustainable solutions to improve our way of living.

Creativity as Success

Successful companies often start with a concept or an idea from only one single person, in the need to fulfil a certain purpose or to what gives them pleasure.

working-space6For example; Mark Zuckerberg who invented ‘Facebook’, starting with a platform to create a student network at Harvard. Steve Jobs, a pioneer in the computer industry, created ‘Apple’ because of his pursuit to perfection in technology. Yvon Chouinard, founder of ‘Patagonia’, a passioned rock climber who started making his own climbing tools to save money for his expensive hobby and taught him blacksmithing. Eventually, he started selling them and because of his love for nature he continued with a business in environmental friendly clothing.

Loving Life

To be creative, we need to be in love with life, have faith in our own abilities and make the best of what life offers us. Living a creative life is keeping a positive attitude and create a lifestyle which adds value, meaning and pleasure. Loving life is embracing the adventure, going out of our comfort zone, taking risks and cultivate beauty and opportunities.

May we continue to encourage our child’s dream to keep creating with inspiration and joy!

Upper image credit: “Burano, colourful houses” with thanks to Franco Benf

Creator of Practical Life Guide. A practical guide for living a meaningful life with joy and purpose.


  • Gabriela

    Another uplifting blog , full of insight on what us humans are or could be capable of !!!
    A clear yet profound analysis , dear Monique ! Thank you , once again , dear , wise and beautiful Soul ! I was never content or comfortable with my level of creativity …I always blamed my father for not allowing me to continue taking ballet classes when I was a little girl ( I won’t go into his reasons here , just want to mention that his intention was good and geared toward my well being ) …so for most part of my life I felt I had no other talents , nor did I feel motivated to tap into other areas of creativity … dancing would have been my outlet and if I couldn’t do that , nothing else mattered ! Of course , now as a mature person , I don’t blame anyone anymore and for the most part I think that I was able to apply my “creative talent” later in my career . I’ve learned that being able to see beauty the way I did , allowed me to make good choices in buying the right merchandise for my business and my validation was the acclaim of my customers …also to have a certain personal style that was always complimented …but to me these things were such “a given” that I never consider them “creative” …I thought you actually had to produce (make) something … maybe that still is the case , but I don’t think like that anymore and I now accept some credit for my talent in “visual assessment” ! I still wish i could have danced (on stage) … but instead I use every chance I have (almost daily ) to dance around …I do it for myself and I feel gratified that at least I have some of the tools I acquired in my childhood .
    And as you know , I’ve taken a lot of pleasure lately in taking pictures (I won’t go as far as calling “photography” ) and I got more encouraged as people started complimenting my shots ! who would have known ?!?!? but maybe , once again , my way of seeing beauty comes out as “creativity” ! Your blog is making it more clear to me that maybe that’s the case !
    Thank you so much , dear Friend for putting things in so many diverse areas in perspective …It really is very helpful !
    Loving hugs and Blessings to you ,

  • Monique

    Thank you for your lovely messsage Gabriela. It is so wonderful to get this kind of feedback and learn more about how you experienced your ‘creativity’ in life. Sorry to hear about you ballet dream, although your early childhood classes seem to have given you a good basis to continue within your own environment. A life long benefit! I’m sure your father had a very good reason for you not to continue at the time.
    This might have stimulated you to explore other ways to express your creativity. However, we just don’t always see it that way, because it feels so natural to us and we tend to overlook the area’s that are easy and obvious to us. I can just imagine how your visual talents accomplished your business in beautiful ways, satisfiying you and your customers!!!

    I like to emphases your visual talents, as they are so obvious to me. You seem to be able to easily create beauty around you in many ways, whereever you are, for yourself and others. The stunning imges of your walks through New York are a good example, they are a feast for your global friends. Beauty touches the soul and that is what you share, because you ‘see’ it and have the suitable visual talents to capture it right.
    I look forward to seeing more of it dear friend! It is such great way to take people with you in your ‘beautiful’ and ‘creative’ world!!

    Much Love and Creative Blessings to you ♡ Hugs

  • Maria Susana Garcia

    Agree absolutely Monique .. Art is a part of our life .. We need art and be creative as you say .. For me, refers to the music it is like water and music and other arts gave me peace, happinness, because, Yes.. It must be a way of living .. I feel happy because I meet myself … NO OTHER WAY FOR LIVING DEAR ANGEL FRIEND …. We needs be crative … God bless you … go ahead .. WE ARE VERY HAPPY WITH YOUR BLOG … Ah, as you adviced me I am beginnig Tai Chi …

    • Monique

      What a beautiful reply Maria! Thank you for sharing how creativity influence your life in such profound way!! Music seems like breathing air to you! Such beautiful way to express yourself and create harmony at the same tim.
      Tai Chi will enhance your creativity even more. I love to hear how your like it!!

      Blessings of Love, Peace and Happiness to you dear friend _/|\_

  • Maria Susana Garcia

    I feel very happy doing art .. Music and others .. you know … And Idon’t find other way on life that be creative … Always ..

  • Maria Susana Garcia

    So happy I am for what you are saying .. Because I make music and other arts … I don’t accept life withouth art and beING creative … My experience with children is the same, when I was Teacher, I only used creativity and our classes were beautiful … Go ahead Monique … Blessings, many blessings for you …

    • Monique

      You are a very artistic person Maria. I didn’t know you have been a teacher as well.
      I’m sure the children loved you and the way you taught them about creativty!!
      You are blessed my friend ―~✿~ૐ~✿~ ~

  • Monalisa Joshi

    Hello Monique this is a very insightful topic you have brought forth and I loved reading it from beginning till end. I agree creativity is that spark within us all that makes more sense in all that we do in our lives keeping the inner soul satisfied and thenceforth bringing the most positive changes in our lives. Creativity is a gift to all the humanity in one form or the other. Not necessarily those people who are caught up in the mediocre of lives are not creating something, even they are, some create on the artistic level and some create it on the mundane, but it’s because of all the human’s combined efforts this world is beautiful and comfortable with all that we live with in our day to day lives. But yes still the creativity that comes in the shape of art, music, dance, or any such form takes one more closer to the inner child, or soul’s desires. And I surely know that you and me are aware, how it feels having created something wonderful from the inside and then seeing it taking the shape our hearts have always wanted. Creativity is actually a blessing we humans are endowed with and those who find it and are able to live it are truly fortunate people. Like we are 🙂 once again thanks Monique for your truly inspiring article and for sharing you wisdom with us <3

  • Monique

    Thank You Monalisa for your acknowledgement on the topic and your profound understanding. I’m not surprised, as you can imagine, as you are a poet and writer in heart and soul.
    Expressing ourselves in artistic ways, indeed, brings ‘creation’ to a different level as it touches our inner soul and being. It is a blessing to all of humanity and for those who are able to live by it.

    There are many different forms which I enjoyed, or still do, however, it is only as of late that have I discovered the enjoyment of writing. It is never too late!! ツ
    Love and Blessings to you dear friend and thank you once again for your contribution

    • Monalisa Joshi

      thank you Monique for all that you are doing…your creativity is beautifully expressed through words and I love reading your blogs. Kisses and Hugs <3 <3

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