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Do You Follow Your Heart


It often takes time to find out what our true purpose in life is. Some people know already at early childhood what they want to become. However, for most of us it is a step-by-step process to find out what our heart is calling for.

I recall and embrace those moments of recognition, appearing as a ‘light bulb’ moment, with a clear feeling or vision about the new direction of my life. A feeling that gives a sense of excitement, gratefulness and inner peace.

Stepping Stones

All life experiences, with trial and error, are necessary steps to learn more about who we truly are. Teaching us that what we perceive as obstacles are really stepping stones to move forward. More often than not, radical circumstances encourage us to seriously investigate our life and purpose. As a consequence, we make the necessary changes, which benefit our growth towards becoming the person we are meant to be.

These periods are often marked as highlights in our lives, where we learn to pay more attention to the calling of our heart. A voice within, a silent language that comes in waves of feelings and insights, which motivates us to act upon our inner guidance.

Inner Guidance

A first attempt to act is vital to start the process of manifesting! At the same time it is equally important to do this with a truthful intention and a clear focus. Most likely, you will be challenged during this process. In a way, life is asking: “Is this really what you want?” or “Is the direction you want to go?” It is a necessary part of the process, to learn more about ourselves and to strengthen our confidence. It’s my experience that we are always supported if we follow through on our inner guidance. Different pieces of our life fall into place, and we experience joy and an expansion of energy.

Letting Go

WOMAN-LETTING-GOBecoming the best version of yourself includes ‘letting go’ of all that no longer serves you. Your way of thinking, how you respond to life in general and the relationships that do not support your highest good. Also, leaving feelings of anger, jealousy or regret. By letting go of all which is weighing down on you, you gain  strength to shine your brightest light. Letting go is having the courage to accept change and have the strength to move forward. To let go is to set yourself free, which will open doors to new possibilities.

Be honest with yourself, do what feels good to you and connect with the people who respect and support you. Take little steps, which are carefully considered. Creating moments of silence to make a solid progress. Eventually be out in nature and tap in the flow of life, and receive the information which is aligned with the purpose of your soul.

Use Your Talents

Embrace the Journey of your Life! Follow your heart and dreams, they are there for a reason. Make it a practical reality with the skills you have. Use your talents and gifts to create the life you’ve always wanted! Don’t let your dreams go wasted.

When you follow your heart and do what you love doing, you not only brighten your inner world, but also the world around you! You will attract people and situations that enhance your journey. Simultaneously you will become a source of inspiration to others!

Creator of Practical Life Guide. A practical guide for living a meaningful life with joy and purpose.


  • Janine

    Beautifully spoken Monique! Thank you for the reminder……. <3

  • Karin

    Dear Monique. Thank you for your uplifting and loving words. They remind me about how far I have come in my process and of being so much more connected to my soul. I vibrate so high when I visit your website :o) and I believe, that the universe responds to my vibrations :o)

    Much love to you, my friend.

    • Monique

      Thank You dear Karin for your kind words!! Yes, it is all about reflections! Your wisdom and energy is very encouraging to me as well. It vibrates your the energy of your soul, that I so beautiful, pure and rich. I’m very grateful for our friendship!
      Much Love, Monique

  • John Rijntjes

    Hey dearest Monique, thank you sweerheart for a needed reminder. Just the right moment for me. An encouraging message of a precious soulfriend . ☆☆♥☆☆

    • Monique

      Hellooo my friend John!! So pleased to hear my writing was a good timing for you!!
      Isn’t wonderful how we all seem to encourage one another in some way, by just being ourselves! Keep shining your beautiful heart’s-energy dear soul brother!! ♡

  • Monique

    Thanks for sharing that. I really needed to hear that as I am at the stage where I’m starting to connect with my soul and living my authentic life.

    • Monique

      I’m so happy to hear Monique! It’s going to be a wonderful journey of awakening to your true self!! Thank You!! ツ

  • gabriela

    So beautifully and wisely expressed , my dear Monique … we may all know those things , but it’s so good to have you bring it back into perspective and help us refocus , reassess and follow a healthier path !

    • Monique

      I so agree with you Gabriela!!! In our very own and beautiful way we all seem to remind each other of our own potential and possibilities, encouraging to live up to our unique abilities!! Thank You for your appreciation dear friend!! ツ ♡

      • gabriela

        Thank you , Monique ! …. you have all my love and respect !

  • Alain Deguire

    The Heart is the new way indeed My Friend… we are being called to follow the way of the Heart and all of our bodies are being transformed so that the Heart is the new decision maker… this will lead to much positive changes in our lives as in the whole world. Thanks for another beautiful piece of Wisdom. Love & blessings to You Dear Soul Sister 😉 <3

    • Monique

      How very beautiful said my dear friend Alain. Your words add a valuable piece of information, that is part of our ‘Awakening’ and transformational process, if we start following the wisdom of our heart!! Thank You and Loving Blessings dear Soul Brother! ♡ ツ

  • Anonymous

    Such a great Reminder to us all, Beloved Sis Monique!

    The idea of the Stepping Stones is such an important and valid one, I think, and one which is well worth keeping in mind. No matter how difficult it may be for us at particular times to see why on earth we’re experiencing a particular set of circumstances, in hindsight we almost ALWAYS can see the value of what we’ve done, what we’ve been through, and how it’s led us to where we now are. And it helps us to trust that, when we follow our Hearts, we’re on the best track possible, the one which will lead us in the direction meant for our, and everyone’s, Highest Good.

    Yet – YES! We need to have the Courage to step through our fears sometimes . . . and that, for many of us (me included!), is one of our biggest challenges. As you say, though, if we’re following our Guidance, Life steps in to support us, so really, we have NOTHING to fear. Life, Love, Joy and Abundance are at our disposal always, and in all ways . . .

    Thanks for being here, for encouraging us all to step into ourSelves, and for enabling us to interact here on the Inspirations you share.

    I Love you! I Appreciate you! And I Love and Appreciate you ALL! 🙂

    • Frances

      Whoops! Forgot to put my name in the box before sending the above, haha. It was me – Frances (James) – aka Anonymous! 😀

      • Monique

        haha, Frances dear, even as an anonymous I could feel these words where yours! I know you so well and your beautiful and special way of putting meaning into words!! (ツ)

        • Frances

          Awww! Thanks, Monique! So lovely that you were able to pick up on my energy! 😀

    • Monique

      I just love how you’ve added your words of wisdom and compassion to my blog and clarified some key elements that are part of the process! Thank You for sharing from the heart and shining your Light in your own and beautiful way! You know how very much I Appreciate you for always being so honest, authentic and compassionate with your words!!
      It is so wonderful to interact with you all in such bountiful and encouraging way!!
      You are very much Loved Precious Soul Sis and I’m very Grateful for sharing my journey with You and All!!! Much Love ♡

      • Frances

        Thanks, dear Monique. We’re All part of One Mind, I feel/believe/KNOW! 😉 , so I see our thoughts and words all blending in together to make a Perfect, Harmonious Whole . . . <3

  • Karen Berdou

    Beautiful, Monique,
    a joy as always to read, and thank you! <3

  • Monalisa Joshi

    That was so well aligned with the vibrational frequency I am right now surrounded with…. you have written it beautifully and I must say that the “Stepping Stone” part is really well expressed. We all go through lots of ups and downs and the low phases are those moments of life which helps us to take the necessary leap in life.
    Letting go is also important….but the lessons learned are to stay with us throughout in order to help us not to fall in the same pattern again. A vicious cycle….but connecting with the inner-self helps the best. Only the silent mind can answer the rock questions… I am glad Monique to read this precious piece and very much on perfect timing .. Thank you so much for the light and wisdom shared from your heart <3

    • Monique

      I’m pleased to hear Monalisa that you read this message at such perfect ‘aligned’ time! Thank You for your appreciations and positive constructive feedback! You know how much that means to me co-writer!! Blessings to you and yours dear friend!! ♡

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