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Health Care is a Way of Living

Health Care Awareness a Lifestyle

In today’s world, modern health care is more emphasised on disease and the fighting of symptoms, than the improvement of our overall health. A lot of people are having a lack of energy, too much body fat and suffer from diverse chronicle ailments such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Diseases caused by our lifestyle, eating habits and the level of stress we experience.

Fortunately, the group of people becoming aware of their self-imposed living habits is growing. Resulting in new lifestyle approaches, with the emphasis to take personal responsibility for one’s own health. Changing eating habits, by eliminating unhealthy and processed food, towards increasing consuming pure, fresh and organic food. Feeding ourselves instead of filling.

Consuming Habits

However, certain new and modern healing trends have a tendency to focus on one particular benefit only, like weight-loss, without looking into the deeper needs of our total well-being to function well. Some just focus on one specific health issue, which will not necessarily bring the solution for our overall well-being. Very popular these days are the raw-food and superfood movements, which are for sure very beneficial and worth integrating into our diets. However, we do ourselves short if we limit our eating pattern with just one specific type of food.

19-Fresh-foodEating a varied diet is much preferred above eating every day the same kind of meals, even when wholesome. Neither should we underestimate the benefits and nourishment of a warm cooked meal, from naturally grown foods. Foods that are holding all sufficient ingredient and natural healing benefits, which we need to survive as human beings. Many nations have gone before us and paved this path over many thousands of years!!

Different Needs

Our individual differences, our physique and blood type  determine to a large part our personal need and requirements for nutritional intake. No two persons are the same. For instance, one may function best when eating light and easily digestible food, or perhaps consume lots of vegetables and fruits, as others may function better when eating something more solid, like a piece of meat. However, I do recommend to eat little portions of meat only, from organic origin or animals having lived a good life. Because all we eat influence our inner being and the energy we hold. After all, we are what we eat.

Our body needs a whole range of nutrition to function properly, including wholesome fat (coconut oil or virgin olive oil) and salt (Himalayan or sea salt). Nevertheless, it is advisable to stay away as much as possible from all processed food; including margarine’s and table salt, because they contain chemical additives that are very damaging to our health.

Paying attention

Not all that is ‘labeled’ wholesome is necessarily beneficial to us. Food producers have found remarkable ways to mislead us and take advantage of the new and healthy food trends. Always pay attention and be aware how your body reacts to what you consume. We can add value to what we eat, by being thankful before commencing a meal, for the many people in the process making it available to us and/or the animals who died for us.

Physical Movement

Health care is more than just eating the right food; it is also taking care of our physics and integrate exercise into our lifestyle. It doesn’t necessarily mean going to the gym. It might be an own selected stretching routine at home or dancing to your favourite music. Possibly taking the stairs rather than the elevator and walk or bike more often instead of taking public transportation or your car.

We are all unique in our very own way, with different needs at different times. Sometimes our body will suggest the need to wake up early or get some physical exercise. As at other times, it might need us to relax, slow down and perhaps get some extra rest. The more we follow through on the needs of our body, the better and stronger we will feel.

Expression of a healthy lifestyle

Our Belief System

When focusing on our well-being, we also need to include our emotional, mental and spiritual needs. Some helpful questions we might ask ourselves are: “Do I love what I do in life?” and “Does it give me energy and inspiration?” “Do I have healthy relationships, romantically, as well as with my family and friends?” “Is there enough room in my life for creativity and to do what I love doing most?” and “Do I have sufficient time for solitude and self-reflection?”

Our thoughts and beliefs are very strongly wired into our energy system and are therefore extremely powerful in the way we relate to others and ourselves, and to the quality of our lives in general. By becoming aware of our personal belief system, we learn how to work with our potential and the infinite depths of our existence. Let yourself be guided by your inner knowing and pay attention to your stress level, as it causes many diseases.


Perhaps we could follow the example of the residents of Okinawa, a Japanese tropical island, who are living the highest life expectancy on the planet, because of their traditional way of living – the dietary habits, the physical activity, the psychological and social aspects, which all play a major role in their longevity.

More than anything else, health care is a way of living. Making conscious choices, in alignment with our energy system. Becoming more open to life, living in the present moment, experience joy and taking time for self-reflection and stillness. If we block this natural flow, we ultimately receive less energy, and our body will decay and become old. Fortunately, every moment in our life we have the opportunity to choose differently.
Let’s choose wisely!

Creator of Practical Life Guide. A practical guide for living a meaningful life with joy and purpose.


  • Maria Susana Garcia

    Yes dear friend Monique … It is great .. great your advices and beautiful comments about how to live a life full of health making exercises, eating correct food that will carry us a life full of happiness .. Your work at your Blog is splendid … I always say you .. Go ahead Monique … And of course be blessed .. MANY, MANY THANKS

    • Monique

      Thank You very much Maria for your beautiful and heartfelt words!! It is wonderful to know that my blogs are appreciated, it inspires my writing!!!
      Loving Blessings for health and joy to you!! ♡

  • Karen

    Another wonderful blog Monique, and the longer I read your blogs the more aware I am of your awareness of the importance of balance. Balance has become a key feature in my life since I started to understand more about it. I believe that when we are not well we are out of alignment/balance, in some area, and as soon as the system experiences this so the ripple effect goes into action. It is similar though of course not the same, to hurting your left knee and shortly finding your right hip joint is also painful !

    I have found balancing chakras of great importance, making certain my body is open to flow with no ‘blockages’, but prior and so importantly to this, is all you have written about…to have in balance what we eat, how we work, play and sleep, and following our genuine instincts in all else. But they must be genuine! …. 🙂 We human beings can so easily talk ourselves into what we want to hear and do against the voice of instinct, reason, or what our bodies are trying to tell us)! 🙂

    Once again so much here in your blog which I have enjoyed reading, and will read again I am quite sure. Thank you my dear friend.

    PS And with regards to food one very short sentence of yours which is so important, and which I loved – “Feeding instead of filling”!
    :)) Wonderful, Monique !

    • Monique

      Yes, you are right Karen, keeping balance in life is important to me, it gives me inner peace, it is like yin/yang. Part of it is integrated within my personality and the other part is what life teaches me when I’m not! When unnoticed, it has a tendency to become a ripple effect, of which you wrote so beautifully! I’ve learned, that when in balance I feel better, function better and all that flows out of it contains better quality! It’s a task for life, but I’m grateful practicer!
      Yes following our inner voice, our genuine instinct, is perhaps the most important part in all we do, as that will determine the outcome and quality.

      Thank You Karen for your insightful and valuable input. I very much appreciate it, and YOU!! I am very honored with your display of appreciation!!
      Namaste beautiful friend _/|\_

  • Gabriela Donescu

    How very helpful and useful your new blog is , once again , dear Monique ! I’ve been trying to live by the rules you advise , for some time now …must admit i never paid much attention when i was younger …maybe life was so busy back then and honestly there was not enough awareness in our basic education either ! …and being young tends to make you “immortal” on some level 😉 …
    Only after dealing with a serious gastro-intestinal issue a couple of years ago …which i must say , went misdiagnosed at first ( a very scary thing) and ultimately undiagnosed by the tens of doctors and specialists i went to … that was a definite “wake up call ” for me …i realised that i was pretty much on my own …so i stopped doing what i was doing in terms of eating habits and restarted slowly , slightly different …a new diet and probiotics got me to feeling better and finally to being my old self …and i’m still doing well so far …exercising is something i take very seriously too and i believe that if i wasn’t doing all the movements , stretching and yes …dancing every day , i wouldn’t be able to move at all ! It’s helped me with my arthritic joints and my degenerative disk disease , which runs in our family …
    Reading your blog helps me stay focused , as all your blogs do and for that i’m very grateful to you , my wise and loving Friend ! …
    Blessings and hugs !


    • Monique

      Dear Gabriela,
      I believe most people are not much aware of their precious health when young. I believe it is part of being young and the feeling of immortality, which gives us the courage to explore life, go on adventures and find the extreme. We tend to become more considered and careful when our consciousness arises, or when something happens in our life that forces us to. Just like your experience, when you had no other way than finding the answers yourself! In a way, it is a blessing in disguise, as it motivated you to make the necessary changes to feel whole again. Not not forget, the life-long benefits from your new eating, lifestyle and exercise habits, which is a bonus for the different ailments you are suffering from. Your personality and tenacity add’s to it. You have all the reason to be proud of yourself and look ahead to a manageable and wholesome future. I truly believe that we are always able to find the answers behind our suffering, answers which will ultimately set us free to live the life we mostly desire!!

      Thank you once again dear friend, for your input and sharing your valuable experience with us! Not in the least place for your positive feedback of my blogs. I’m infinite grateful to be able to reflect my own findings with you and all!
      Loving Blessings to you and a big hug in return ♡

  • Monalisa Joshi

    Hello Monique …a beautiful topic brought forth and very well described. From start till end it was full of knowledge and guidance of how we can create a balanced lifestyle in this modern ear of living. You are very right that healthy lifestyle increase age and I have seen too in hill in my in-laws home the elder people are living more than 100 years some have even crossed 100 years and were still healthy walking and doing their stuffs. its because there is no pollution and they eat only land grown foods …as there is no packaged food available there. The y get milk from the cow, vegetable from their fields and they are healthy all though I found the place smelly like dairy and can’t explain but they are so happy there. But of course the air is fresh. About eating habits I try to cook as much possible making my kids eat healthy …we rarely go for pizzas and junk foods but kids love such things. yes but these things are actually making our eating habits and therefore lifestyle unhealthy. I go for walk which I have started from last year …I am not bothered about the weight loss but I must admit it has helped me heal in many other ways..post pregnancy I had this severe aching in my feet and beneath the feet area manly heels and I wasn’t able to keep my foot on the floor when I used to wake up and get down from the bed. It was awful and I had to limp literally for more than 10 minutes. I took various medicines for ..soaked my feet in warm water and but nothing helped this pain was with me for more than four years . No sooner I started walking my pain was vanished in only one month of time and I was so amazed. I never know what was the cause of that pain but changing my lifestyle just a little bit I was free from that pain. I am also bringing certain changes in my eating habits as well ..I don’t consume sweet at night since Indian food is very spicy and oily and sweet is a part of it ..I have cut down the sugar and I feel good that I am doing something towards a healthy life..even in bits but I am sure it will help me in the long way. Thank you Monique for this amazing and so much informative article about Health Care. It is well written and well explained. <3

    • Monique

      Thank You Monalisa for sharing your personal experience about the longevity in the hills of India! It is wonderful hearing, as an example and proof of the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle. It is also an interesting fact that people who live in rural area’s, do not only eat more pure, but also have the benefits of fresh air and less stress! It is the whole package (lifestyle) that makes the big differences I think!
      As a mom, I understand your extra motivation to prepare healthy food for your children. Having a treat sometimes, is indeed part of childhood, knowing that it is a special treat and not part of their normal diet. However, the western influence in Asia is really unfortunate and is not adding to the overall health! The food that grows in the area we grow up is always the best for us! Packaging and processed food is for none!

      Your walking routine sound brilliant for many areas in your life. I’m sure it was the reason your feet healed, which is often related to stagnated energy and a need for lifestyle change. You did it! It is interesting to know that our body’s give us excellent advice where we need to improve our life!

      Thank you once again Monalisa, for your appreciation and insightful input!
      Blessings of Health and Joy to you ♡

      • Monalisa Joshi

        thank you Monique for your reply…I am much grateful <3 abundance of love light blessings your way <3

  • Frances

    Yes – health care most definitely comes down to our way of living! Was only talking with hubby about this topic today, and reading your (beautifully presented!) blog only reinforced my own thoughts on the matter, dear Monique! Thank you! 🙂

    • Monique

      Thank you Frances dear. You just turned a big smile on my face, because I thought of you when writing this, somehow I sensed you would feel the same.
      Thank you Sis!!! ツ ♡

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