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Inner Peace is the Heartbeat of the Universe

Inner Peace is the Heartbeat of the Universe

Inner peace is the heartbeat of the universe and available to us all, we only need to become aware of it. It is a place where everything works in harmony and balance. Our ability to manifest inner peace is to simply be in the flow of life, allowing life to unfold in its own perfect way, without stress or worry.

Yet, experiencing inner peace is not always easy, as it seems there is often a challenge around the corner. Everyday occurrences, small and big ones, which have a tendency to take away our focus, vibrant energy and our ability to experience personal peacefulness.


The evolution of technology offers us an endless stream of information, making the world smaller and palpable. Our ability to connect with people worldwide increases the feeling of oneness and the awareness of what is happening in other parts of the world. We join together in celebrating the good news and we share our grief in moments of sorrow. As the media is set up to share mainly negative news, it tends to overwhelm us with feelings of anxiety. We might become astray in the maze of life as the outer noise takes away our inner peace and we risk to become numb to the essential messages from within.

On a more personal level, we might experience tension because of our busy lives, demands at work, family responsibilities, a serious illness or perhaps the fear of missing out; on something important, a social gathering or a great opportunity. This leads to millions of thoughts, creating worries and restlessness, keeping us away from inner peace and the connection with ourselves. Eventually, we are outliving our lives instead of living it the way which feels good and natural to us.

Regardless of any situation, we always have a choice how we deal with it, and allow ourselves to look with different eyes to what is happening outside of us. To experience this, it is essential to stay connected with our heart and soul and the infinite field of silence. If we strengthen this awareness by daily practicing, we create peace for ourselves and for the outside world. It is the answer to our questions, and to the confusion we might feel inside.

Inner peace comes from within and emerges in the moment we choose not to allow another person or event to control our emotions or state of being.



Inner peace enhances the quality of our manifestations, which is a direct reflection of the quality of our thoughts. The core function of the mind is to think, enabling us to transmit thoughts and feelings through our energy system and create form. When the mind works in service of the heart, it enables us to use it in more productive and harmonious ways, as the heart always operates with the bigger picture in mind and in benefit of the whole.

We can see the head as the producer of our life, waiting for directions from the heart, the holder of inner knowing and innate wisdom. When we bring our thoughts in alignment with the heart, we guide ourselves to people and circumstances that are beneficial for the unfolding of our lives and consequently for that of the people around us. Our thinking improves, as we feel one with the heartbeat of the universe, the energy of inner peace.

When we introduce silence in our daily lives, the quality of all we do improves.


Meditation is a perfect instrument to clear our mind, to become silent and experience the stillness within. Even a couple of minutes with no thoughts can be very refreshing, providing us with renewed energy. This energy, with a higher quality vibration, produces better thoughts and is more prolific. The more anxiety we experience, the more urgent it is to go within and become silent. A period of 2 to 10 minutes is enough to experience inner peace, which can be found in the silence between the exhale of one breath and the inhale of a new one. It can be helpful to use a guided meditation or to attend a mindfulness class.

peaceIt is important, however, to always find a quiet place within your own comfort, where you will not be disturbed. Nature is a perfect place to experience inner peace and rejuvenate your entire energy system. The moment you connect yourself with nature, you practice inner silence. A hike in the forest, a stroll on the beach, a walk in your neighbourhood, or even just standing in your own backyard or on your balcony, will do its magical work. Find your peaceful place and let your breath flow.

Be aware of your face expression, for peace finds its way more easily when smiling, which makes you feel better instantly.


The more you practise, the easier it becomes. The benefits will motivate you to keep practicing. You can use it in any place, for instance, when in a traffic jam, while waiting for public transportation or in line for the cash register. Actually any place which has a tendency to give you a sense of tension, because you feel you don’t want to be where you are. Inner peace can be created anywhere, by accepting and surrender to the present moment.

Free yourself from doing things that distract you from inner silence, like mainstream media, negativity and drama’s which are not  yours. Learn to become comfortable within your own silence, the seat of the soul, which resides in your own magnificent heart.

In the vast realm of stillness lies your potential to create inner peace and find the magic within.


Creator of Practical Life Guide. A practical guide for living a meaningful life with joy and purpose.


  • Karin

    As always, dear Monique – your words are so profound. It is obvious that your wisdom comes from the cour of your inner being. Thank you so much for shining among us with your pure essence of love.

    With love, Karin.

    • Monique

      Thank you Karin! Your kind and encouraging words mean a lot to me!!
      Love and Blessings to you, Monique _/|\_

  • Martine

    Love to read your wise words, they are a way to start meditate and go inside!
    Thank you so much!!! <3

  • Mathew

    Beautifully written post, Monique. Thank you! xoxo

  • Maria Susana Garcia

    Wise words .. Yes Monique .. Feel free .. Search our inner peace … Connect with nature … Thus, meditating we get the peace and harmony … Your message resume what we need indeed, to be health and happy … Continue sending these wonderful messages .. We appreciate them very much . Blessings dear friend …

  • Gabriela

    How can i thank you enough , my dear Monique , for once again bringing into focus how to help ourselves with such insightful and wise teachings ! They make so much sense , especially now , when the World seems to be in such turmoil and we need to find our inner balance so much more ! I , for one , identify with all you say and agree that inner peace is at the core of our well being at all times ! And yes , the walks and true connection with Nature are so beneficial ! As you well know , I practice this every day …I could say this is my true form of meditation ! And yes, it works …every time !…for I always return Home with a good feeling and less worries ! It also helps significantly to get the additional reassurance and confirmation from you , through your beautiful Blogs !
    I can’t thank you enough , my beautiful , soulful Friend !
    With Blessings ,
    Gabriela ! _/I\_

    • Monique

      Thank you once again Gabriela for your loving, kind and affirming comment.
      Meditation is really about being connected with ourselves and is something we can practise at any time during the day. Being in nature is indeed very powerful, as its energy resonates with our own calm nature. What a blessing to be able to take those enriching walks and really ‘be’ there in the moment. It is exactly what I sense from the pictures you take along the way!
      I’m grateful for your friendship and genuine feedback, always! It is enriching, as we all learn from each other, one way or the other.
      Bless you my friend and
      Namaste _/|\_ “I honour the place in you, which is of love, of truth, of light and of peace. When you are in that place in you, and I am in that place in me, we are one.”

      • Gabriela

        Thank you for your beautiful and reaffirming reply , my dear Monique ! I feel the Love and i cherish it …Namaste ! _/l\_

  • Leonard

    As always Monique your use of words and explanation is spot on. Today as I walked along the busy street, I practiced inner peace, breathing in noticing my breathe as it came in and out. I noticed and became aware of how my body felt, not how I thought it felt how it actually was. In all the time I walked I was in peace. I unexpectedly met my sister who was having coffee with her new partner.

    My sister is an atheist. In the past there was always friction about beliefs. We got talking and as I expressed to her my new found peace all anxiety and friction dissolved. There was acceptance. It was though she surrended and listened with compassion as I expressed my new found love of meditation and heart. My inner peace was expressed openly and I found in that short time love for myself and that she took the time to listen without needing to respond back with an objection.

    This is practicing inner peace.

    Bless you Monique. _/I\_

    • Monique

      Thank you Leonard for sharing this personal experience of inner peace. I totally loved the way your sister responded to you. It somehow feels like the cosmos arranged for the two of you to meet at this particular time. She must have sensed your peacefulness and became interested in what you had to tell. In the end, we all want to feel at ease, without worries and stress. ‘Seeing’ or ‘feeling’ it seems like a prove, which makes us more open to the ‘how’ and ‘what’ and raises our awareness. I’m happy for you both!!

      Peace and Blessings to you Leonard!! _/|\_

  • Monalisa Joshi

    Hello dear Monique thank you once again for a beautiful blog and a great topic covered. Inner peace is the soul of our beingness in this vast universe. I have know this more recently now and find pure pleasure in sinking into it more…my whole persona has changed now when I see their are some moments of chaos at home …I simply say to myself it’s all the way how I react or how my partner does…I am not sure about his part but I chose silence and it saves me from the unwanted tension and anxiety. Even my husband chose the same perhaps its my energy of peacefulness or his that works for us both and we are at our peaceful mind again within few moments of time. It is a great feeling indeed to give your worries to that divine force residing within and let the life unfold itself. I agree that nature is a great healer … but doing things that one loves to do from heart is also soul soothing. I am glad I have my ways of meditation and I know it works for you as well (writing). 🙂 Once more I would love to thank you from the deepest core of my heart for sharing your soul wisdom and filling us with your divine light <3 <3

    • Monique

      Chaos is indeed great opportunities to practise inner silence. I’m sure you’ve been doing that since a young age, by living in a big noisy city! You benefit from it now that you have two young children and a busy life. Your personal peacefulness reflects anyone you meet, especially the people you are close with, your family!! It is such beautiful example of how you are able to integrate your own peaceful energy into your family’s.
      Following our heart and passion is indeed a very powerful way to experience inner silence, as it connects us to our soul and source of inner peace! It is one of the aspects why following our heart and expressing ourselves authentically gives us the blessings we long for and make us bloom!!
      Thank you once again, Monalisa dear for sharing your personal experience and gratefulness. I very much appreciate it!
      Love and Blessings to you, always! _/|\_

  • Frances

    Oh, Sis – what a terrific blog, and such a powerful Reminder to us all . . .

    As you so beautifully stated: “. . . it is essential to stay connected with our heart and soul and the infinite field of silence. If we strengthen this awareness by daily practicing, we create peace for ourselves and for the outside world. It is the answer to our questions, and to the confusion we might feel inside . . .”

    Beautiful! Thank You! I’m so grateful that in each of your blogs you bring what’s important back into focus so gently, yet so powerfully. And to have you beside me (and all of us) through this ride of challenging earthly life is an absolute blessing . . .

    Frances _/ \_

    • Monique

      *smiling*…. aaaaw, thank you Frances for highlighting this part of my blog, meaning that my message came across. I truly believe that being connected to our heart and soul brings inner peace and more than anything else, it raises our awareness. Most problems (on a personal level and in the outer world) arise from being disconnected with ourselves… when the noisy mind takes over.
      Thank you for you gentle, loving and sincere words of appreciation. Gratefulness is all on my side, for having people like you walking along this journey with me and make it possible for me to do what I love doing!!
      Much Love and Blessings to you beloved Sis _/|\_

  • Karen

    Another beautiful and helpful blog and thank you dear friend. Your inner peace is so noticeable … in your blogs, on facebook and quite simply, in you.
    To learn to access this inner peace we all carry within us is a most beautiful and treasured thing to do, and the inner peace felt and experienced in you Monique demonstrates that is is not only possible, but that indeed you have done this.
    We are Blessed ‘to know and love’ you, my dear friend … and thank you.

    • Monique

      Thank you dear Karen for your beautiful and generous compliments!
      Perhaps feelings of restlessness during a big part of my life has encouraged me to find inner peace. Experiencing it and learning that it’s always available to us, has motivated me to keep aiming to find balance in all areas of my life. Yoga en meditation have helped me a lot with it and still do! It might also be something that comes with ageing, I’m not sure. Living together with a peaceful person and cat helps a lot too!!

      In any way, I’m very grateful for people like you in my life, who carry equal values and do encourage me to practise balance, by just being yourself!! Gratefulness is all on my side precious friend. Breathing in Peace and breathing out Love.

      Much Love and Blessings to you Karen! _/|\_

  • Rit

    Dankjewel, lieve Monique, voor je warme, hoopvolle bedenkingen! Je hebt een unieke bekwaamheid om me nog meer positief te maken over mezelf, waarmee ik geen vorm van narcisme bedoel hoor. Zoals je zegt” follow the flow…”
    In stilte luisteren naar je hart en je mind vrij maken zodat je een lichtpunt ziet om positieve energie op te doen zodat je de wereld met openstaande verwondering tegemoet durft gaan. Vind het niet zo gemakkelijk ,want hindernissen komen graag onverwachts… maar meditatie is een sterk middel om rust en jezelf te vinden!
    Dank je … zal hem nog een paar keer lezen om voor mezelf de belangrijkste tips op te schrijven! Dank je, wonderlijke
    vriendin! Warme knuf, Rit

    • Monique

      Bedankt voor je lieve woorden en je waardering voor mijn blog Rit!
      Hindernissen komen inderdaad altijd onverwacht. Gelukkig maar, dat we niet alles van te voren weten, dat zou immers ook de verrassingen van het leven wegnemen.
      Als je de ‘momenten van stille’ in je dagelijkse bestaan toepast, kun je het ‘onverwachte’ ook veel beter opvangen, als het zich aandient!
      Het zijn leerprocessen en onderdeel van ons bestaan. Hoe beter we leren onze eigen energie te volgen, des te beter zijn we afgestemd op de energie van het universum… die ons rust en innerljke vrede brengt!
      Wens je heel veel geluk en innerlijke vrede toe met een warme omhelzing ❤️

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