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Intuition as Your Inner Guidance

Aligned with the wisdom of your heart.

Intuition as your inner guidance, the voice of the non-physical world. Besides our five senses; seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching, we have intuition as our sixth sense. It is multi-sensory and works as a compass throughout our lives, which is perceived through the energy of our soul.

It is the holder of our wisdom, gained both in this life and previous ones, leading us to people and circumstances which are beneficial for our personal goals and growth.

Personal Adviser

Intuition can be experienced as a ‘gut’ feeling, which tells us when something isn’t quite right, or alternatively lets us know when something is. It is the ‘yes’ and ‘no’ feeling which navigate us through life, on the path that is uniquely designed for us!

Perhaps very different than we had expected. Yet, when letting go of the outcome and trusting the wisdom of our inner voice, we might be surprised by the result.


We become comfortable with our inner voice, by taking action steps which are aligned with our feelings and knowledge. We build trust, and automatically become more aligned with our higher purpose. As we are naturally drawn towards what is best for us, life becomes easier – in our relationships, work, or any situation which requires personal responsibility. Eventually, life becomes a continuous unfolding process, enabling us to discover who we really are and what we came here to be.

You are The Captain

Sails as your intuition

You can picture yourself as the captain of your own boat (life), with the sails as your intuition. Guiding you lovingly through life, giving signs when action is required. You need to stay focused and determined to the settings of your sails (intuition), while cruising along in the direction of your goals. Be confident and trust the process, as the wind (flow of life) will guide you, as to when it’s time to act, or when it’s time to adjust your sails.
However, if we are not aligned with our inner compass, caused by fear, stress, anxiety or perhaps ignorance, we might miss the necessary signs. As a consequence this will cause pain and suffering. Eventually, this might motivate us to look deeper within, beyond what is visible to the eye.

Seven Steps to Refine your Intuition

  1. Take time to be with yourself, to be able to hear the whispers of your soul. It is important to create some moments of silence in your days, even if only for a couple of minutes. Especially if you’re feeling stressed or are experiencing an overactive mind.
  2. Be creative in ways which feel good to you, where you feel able to express yourself authentically. Any form of art is good here, like music, cooking, writing, painting, drawing or gardening. Creativity and Intuition enhance each other and expand the field of manifestation.
  3. Practise meditation and/or mindfulness. These empower your ability to tune in to, and to work with your intuition.
  4. Learn to observe your world, both without and within. Be open to the signs which are a reflection of what is happening within you, to what is calling for your attention.
  5. Listen to your body’s signals and always follow your heart. Feelings are emotions, which are reflected by your mind and initiated by your soul.
  6. Pay attention to your relationships and be open to the real message behind what is being communicated by another. Integrate silence in your conversations. Simply listen, and ask questions when appropriate. Practise empathy, by placing yourself into the other.
  7. Trust your gut feelings and act on them. You learn by practising, and the more you practise the easier it becomes.

By becoming aware of the workings of your intuitive abilities, and by learning to use them in positive and constructive ways, you will be given a pathway to empowerment, to create a life with joy, freedom and inner peace.


Creator of Practical Life Guide. A practical guide for living a meaningful life with joy and purpose.


  • Karin

    So profound and wise words, dear Monique. Thank you for being in this time-space-reality. Much love, Karin

  • Ian Kelly

    Excellent post matey – big joy with you Xx.

  • Wendy Esposto

    Perfect!so right on!thanks!

  • gabriela

    How wonderful to read your take on the importance of intuition , dear Monique ! Once again you help us by bringing into focus something we perhaps know , but somehow lose touch with ! Thanks for making our lives better . Blessing !

    • Monique

      Feeling very grateful for your always supportive and positive comments my dear friend!
      It is a wonderful feeling to be able to be of help, or perhaps I should say, to remind you!!
      Love and Blessings dear Gabriela ツ

  • Rit Peeraer

    Dank je voor je mooie uitleg en verklaring ivm onze intuïtie , lieve Monique. Het is iets wat ik altijd raar gevonden heb en ik dikwijls verbaasd ben dat ze juist is en je ze dus meer moet volgen.
    Sterker leren geloven in mijn ” zijn en eigenwaarde ” is nog moeilijk voor mij. Daarom kan hetgeen een ander zegt, me aan mezelf doen twijfelen en geraak ik in een moeilijke periode, zoals nu. Heel erg bedankt ook voor de geweldige tips die je meegegeven hebt. Die gaan zeker helpen om mijn weg terug te vinden! Liefs!
    <3 xxx

  • Monique

    Lieve Rit,
    Je innerlijke raadgever heeft het altijd ‘juist voor ‘jou’ en daarom kan het advies van een ander, hoe goed het ook bedoeld is, nooit belangrijker zijn dan die van je eigen intuïtie!! Een goede graadmeter is ook, dat als je je vredig voelt vanbinnen, het goed voor je is…. en dat geeft weer zelfvertrouwen!!
    Vooral tijdens moeilijke en uitdagende perioden wordt onze intuïtie extra op de proef gesteld, maar is tevens een perfect moment om het jezelf nog meer eigen te maken. Op een of andere manier wordt het duidelijker wat wel en niet klopt/goed voelt!!
    Succes Lieve Rit, je hebt al zoveel kracht en doorzettingsvermogen getoond. Je doet het geweldig, wees geduldig met jezelf! Liefs, xxx

  • Rit Peeraer

    Dank je! Je bent toch een wonder van mensenliefde! Liefs! xxx

  • Frances

    Terrific topic – so vital to true thriving and well-being.

    I so greatly appreciate this and all the beautiful reminders/gentle nudges you share with us, Monique. It/they help us stay ‘on track’ in life, help us be our best, most beautiful, most vibrant Selves . . .

    Thank You!!!

    • Monique

      You sincere words touch me deeply Frances! They fill my whole begin with love, gratitude and joy! THANK YOU for being YOU and your infinite enthusiasm and encouragement!
      Much Love ♡

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