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Letting Go, a Gateway to Personal Freedom

Personal Freedom

“Just let it go,” is a statement we hear and use quite often, especially when we talk about our worries, fears, old habits or people and situations that do not feel good to us anymore. Letting Go – it sounds easy, but what does it mean really and how do we bring it into practice?


Letting go starts with accepting your life as it is, to surrender to the present moment and be willing to let life unfold in its own natural way. It is, having the courage to accept change and the strength to move forward. By accepting and owning your life, you allow yourself to perceive new insights, which opens doors to possibilities you would never have envisioned with your thinking.

Personal Freedom

Each time we allow our emotions to come to the surface and take responsibility for it, we give ourselves the gift of personal freedom. Liberation that comes from releasing the burden, we might have carried with us for nearly a lifetime. Personal freedom is the result of lovingly and compassionately looking at ourselves, our past and our hurts, in a non-judgmental way, and at the same time liberated ourselves from the need for approval from anyone outside of ourselves.


Letting GoWe might have a conscious desire to release a burden we have been carrying with us, but somehow it is just too hard, or not working. Most likely, an unconscious part within us has a good reason to not to. This unconscious part is very powerful and related to deeply felt emotions, personal fixation and the stories we have been telling ourselves for many years. “What you resist persists,” therefore, trying to push it down and prevent it from coming to the surface, reinforces it, which might limit you to live your life to its fullest potential.

Resistance often comes from fear, pain or parts within us which have the need to be recognised and accepted. By making an effort to communicate with these parts, they can be healed and released. We will not only become free of our problems but also of our limited sense of identification with the person we ‘think’ we are.

Always, be gentle with yourself, by taking little and carefully considered steps. Connect with the people who respect and support you, your journey and your choices. Create moments of solitude, silence, and contemplation, enabling you to hear your inner voice. Additionally, be out in nature and tap in the flow of life, which generates balance and healing.

Healing Ritual

Real healing only takes place from the inside, and never from a place outside of ourselves. An easy and practical use for self-healing is writing a letter to yourself, or to a person who has hurt you in some way. This practice can give a great sense of openness, clarity, and relief. Write everything down, all the pain, hurt, frustrations, and anger. After you’ve finished the letter, read it out loud, and remove it, by either burning it or by burying it under the ground. Close your ritual by doing something that is healing and nurturing for you, like taking a bath, going for a nice walk, buying flowers for yourself or see a movie. Just anything that gives you joy, pleasure, a sense of self-worth and value of self-love.

Healing Journey

A very helpful and insightful guide to help you in this process, to liberate and free yourself from undesired burden is: ‘The Healing Journey’ from Brandon Bays. Besides her ‘personal journey story’, she has included a step-by-step process for accessing the infinite wisdom within, and revealing old emotional patterns and memories that are stored in our cells. This guide can be used for both physical and emotional healing and a variety of other life challenges.


Letting go starts with being honest with yourself and accepting yourself for who you truly are. Any effort towards inner searching will be rewarded with a sense of personal freedom, enabling you to make healthy choices, enhancing and improving your life in significant ways.

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  • Frances

    Ooooh . . .

    I felt myself letting out big sighs of ‘letting go’ just by reading your words, Beloved Sis, and by the end of reading I already felt more relaxed and free than I had previously. The information you share/d is wonderful, yet your LOVE, too, shines through, creating and inspiring such a healing, calming balm . . .

    Thank You! _/l\_

    I agree that Brandon Bays is wonderful in this arena. In the past I’ve read ‘The Journey’ and ‘Freedom Is’ which she wrote, and found them to be VERY helpful.

    OK – it’s time for all of us to ‘let go’ even more than we have. Let go, let go, let go . . .

    Best advice EVER!

    Much Love and Appreciation to you, dear Monique ( ( ( ❤️ ) ) )

  • Monique

    Thank You for your very kind and appreciative comment Frances!! Feeling humbled and grateful for being able to serve this purpose for you. At the same time I know you are such wonderful example to many of us just the way you live and express yourself!!
    Also, focussing our intention in the direction on ‘letting go’ already sets us in the right position to add action to it. I believe it becomes easier if we keep practising, even though it is not always easy!!

    I’ve read both of Brandon’s books as well and they have served me a big purpose as well, many years ago.
    I also had an opportunity to meet her. I agree beloved sis, more than ever before it is time to Let Go all of the old bagage which is not serving any purpose anymore….. and leads us to a new world of awareness!!

    Much much Love to you dear Frances and thank you for your infinite support and kindness!
    ( ( ( ❤️ ) ) )

    • Frances

      I agree, Beloved Sis, that intention is such a BIG part of this, or a big part of ANYTHING we want to see manifesting in our lives. I’ve been doing a LOT of letting go in recent times (both intentionally and somehow, naturally), and it’s making a HUGE difference in the way I feel, and in the way my life is flowing . . .

      Yet – every reminder helps and reinforces that intention – and your blog has just done that for me!

      Once again, dear Monique – THANK YOU! ❤️

      • Monique

        You are such wise and sensible woman Frances. Being friends with you is a joy of inspiration, in a journey of learning, growing, evolving and companionship. Reinforcing one another in a most beautiful and magical way!!
        Keep it flowing Sis – you are Loved!! ❤️

        • Frances

          Thank you, Monique . . . and you, too, are HUGELY Appreciated and Loved _/ ❤️ \_

  • John Rijntjes

    Hi soulfriend !
    Thank you so, so much for remembering the right path to Healing …..
    Not totally new insight sweetheart, but the way you word it makes it so much more acceptable to let it sink in. Monique … Thanxxx,
    Love uuu

    • Monique

      Dear John
      Thank You for interacting and your lovely comment!!
      I believe we all have the wisdom within us, we just need to be reminded of it sometimes.
      I love to write them down and share them with you all…. to inspire and remind myself as well. 😉

      Love and Healing Blessings to you dear friend! xxx

  • Karen Berdou

    Another beautiful post waiting for me in my email InBox, and as always such a treat.

    Thank you Monique – as with your other posts it is worthy of reading yet again which I will enjoy doing in a few days from now. You enable our understanding and knowing that although not always easy, letting go is possible and there are gentle ways to approach it when necessary.

    I love your blogs Monique….always a joy to see them in my Inbox and thank you dear Monique.

    Sending Love and Light, Peace and Joy, and sharing with all.


    • Monique

      Thank You Karen for your heartfelt words and appreciation of my blog(s). That is really inspiring to read!!
      I love sharing from the heart in a way it feels good to me. We have so much to learn and overcome in our life’s, I like to remind myself and others to be gentle with ourselves, patient and loving with all we do!!

      LoveLight Blessings with Peace and Joy to you beautiful friend!

      Namaste _/|\_

      • Karen Berdou

        You share from your heart so beautifully and thank you dear Monique, dear friend.


  • Wendy Esposto

    My sweet and gentle Monique,
    Wow,great job!I enjoyed every word!I have done rituals of letting go,and intend to do another when I get home from work tomarrow!keep those blogs and post coming!it inspires me everyday!love u!♡♡♡♡

    • Monique

      Thank You dear Wendy for your very kind and loving words. Great to hear you are practicing – keep it up!! 🙂 Your enthusiasm keeps me writing and sharing.
      Much Love ♡

  • gabriela

    Ah , my dear Monique !!! where were you a few years ago when i struggled so much with “letting go” from this very painful place i was at that time in my life ?!?!? it took me a real long time to accept that i had to let go and look after myself and find out who i really was …I think that I slowly am finding my place of peace and came to terms to being happy with myself and the way things are ! But , boy ! was it hard …and having had someone like you beside me then , would have made such a difference ! …but maybe this is the way things were already ordained from up above …and i had to make the journey on my own ! having you come to me now is perhaps to emphasise and validate my hardship ! and for that i’m so grateful …as they say “all people come into your life with a purpose ” ! you make me stronger by echoing my inner thoughts and questions ! You’ve helped me see that I never have to feel guilty about taking care of myself first ! Thank you so much for tapping on these very important issues we all face and for opening our eyes into self awareness ! Blessings and love coming your way ! ((( <3 )))

    • Monique

      Gabriela dear,
      It would have been great to be able to support each other during our difficult times. But just like you, I was going through my own process of letting go… and it was not a smooth one either, and painful at times! That’s how I learned and got my own experience. Yes, I do believe we all have to face our own challenges, for our souls to grow and mature, to become the person we are meant to be. You now learned that you are very capable of running your own life, in a peaceful and comfortable way, which is worth a million!!

      I’m honoured to be one of your mirrors, showing you that ‘you are’ a very strong, independent, smart and capable woman, with beautiful qualities which makes you a most wonderful person to be with and friend to have!!

      Love and Blessings to you dear friend!! Keep Celebrating Yourself!!!! 🙂 Hugs ((( ♡ )))

  • Monalisa Joshi

    Hi Monique …this is an amazing topic that you have brought forth and I feel so excited whenever I see a mail in my inbox…I saw it yesterday but I wanted some good time to read it peacefully. Now I will share some of my views you are very right letting go is very difficult process and it doesn’t mean that we have to let go of the people who have hurt us rather it is that feeling which they ink on our souls that we are no body. I have been fighting with this feeling for almost five years now…..always cursing myself and now with time ….I am lucky that with the help of good friends like you and more I was able to come out fast and no sooner I changed myself the whole scenario changed and then I realized that it was no body only me who was creating the limits… I am so happy to let go of my fears…my insecurities and now whenever any situation seems to be repeating itself I am more awakened and I feel wow the way I am dealing with it now could have done earlier. Any ways I really feel free and happy from heart all the time as I am finally able to let go of all that burden from inside that was weighing my down. Thank you so much for filling us always with your light, through your wise words and I must say reading the whole blog alone has made me feel so proud about you and me….. we are already walking the path _/|\_

    • Monique

      Monalisa dear, thank you so much for sharing your experience with us! I’m so glad you have found your personal way to ‘let go’, of all that is not longer serving you. And indeed, often it is the way we think about ourself that needs to change first. We only allow people to treat us in the way we think about ourself. Therefore Self-Love is so very important to attain and to teach our children as from an early age.
      I’m very pleased to see how much you’ve grown and matured in the years I’ve known you. I know you are still very young, I admire your persistence and perseverance to experience the light within yourself and the people around you! You have Greatness within you and I’m positive you will influence many people’s life by acting upon your wisdom and insights!!! ♡
      Blessings and much Love to you _/|\_

  • Rit Peeraer

    Dank je, lieve Monique voor je echt praktische reminders bij ” loslaten”
    Het is een materie die ik ook bij Lieve leer.
    Jouw praktische tip om bvb een brief naar jezelf te schrijven , komt overeen met wat ik bij Lieve leer: opschrijven wat ik wil loslaten en dit in een brandend houtblok steken!
    Maar een brief naar jezelf schrijven lijkt me nog diepergaand!
    Dat ga ik zeker doen! Het belangrijkste voor mij, is de reacties van mijn oudste dochter op mijn rol als grootmoeder te kunnen loslaten . Ik moet van Lieve ook ” nee” zeggen als ik de kleinste ook moet bijhouden, want dit is veel te zwaar( hij lag bijna in de vijver als ik geen halsbrekende toeren had uitgehaald! Helaas, daar speelt bij mij de angst dat ik dan mijn kleinkinderen nog weinig zal zien mee!
    Moeilijke opgave! Maar dank je van harte voor die duidelijke reminders en tips! Liefs en dikke knuffel! ❤️

  • Monique

    Lieve Rit,
    Het doet me deugt, om met toenemende regelmaat te vernemen dat je zo positief and krachtig in je process van herstel een heelwording staat. Het is daarbij belangrijk om vakkundig ondersteund te worden, door een persoon als Lieve!
    Het loslaat process is niet gemakkelijk en angst is meestal een slechte raadgever. Je kunt erop vertrouwen dat als je je hart volgt, je ook datgene ontvangt wat het beste voor jezelf en je ontwikkeling is. Daar geloof ik oprecht in Rit!! Het is belangrijk om voor jezelf op te komen en je grenzen te stellen, want alleen jij kan dat doen en niemand anders. Als jij het niet aangeeft, kan de ander niet weten dat iets ‘te veel’ voor je is.
    Het lijkt me onwaarschijnlijk dat als jij eerlijk aangeeft wat voor jou haalbaar is en wat niet, ineens alles van je af weggenomen wordt.
    Je bent een krachtig persoon Rit, dat heb je al vele malen in je leven bewezen. Als jij jezelf vertrouwt en op je gevoel durft af te gaan, komt alles goed en zul je je ook vrijer voelen!! win/win!
    Veel Liefs en een warme knuffel ((((( ♡ )))))

  • Angela

    Beautifully said Monique. Exactly what I was thinking about yesterday and this morning..

    • Monique

      Blessings Angela, isn’t wonderful how we always seem to catch the right message at the right time! Thank you for subscribing. Feeling honoured to have you in my community!

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