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Manifesting Wealth in Your Life

manifesting wealth

Wealth is not found in the money we collect, but in recognising our talents and the value, we place upon our innate worth. It is the force of life that creates momentum to manifest from our inner wealth, simultaneously opening a portal to receive abundance and rewards. When we work in alignment with our hearts calling, the universe becomes our employer that fully supports us in every step of the way.


Money has been overrated in our society and is the cause of many problems we see in today’s world. It has become a measuring instrument for success and is often used for gaining power and belonging, increasing polarisation. Money itself, however, does not hold value, but is an energy of exchange, a way to acquire products, services or energy. The happiness we experience is a consequence of the freedom we feel by expressing ourselves authentically.

Manifesting wealth in your life comes from recognising who you truly are and from aligning yourself with the intelligent force of life, of which we are all part. Freedom is the outcome of focussing on our higher purpose, act upon it and be consistent, and our ability to express ourselves in a creative, authentic and joyful way. Eventually, the discrepancy between work and play fades away, when ‘have to’ and ‘want to’ becomes one. Next to perusing a career or a way to make money, we can also exchange energy by means of appreciation, friendship, kindness, time, knowledge, trust or love.

“Limitless abundance resides within you.”
Panache Desai


Often people say: “If I have enough money, I can finally do what I like doing most, so I can be who I am.” However, to find the real joy and purpose in our life, we need to think the other way around. “By being who we truly are, we find our true purpose. As a result, we receive exactly what we need.” It is a different approach, teaching us that when our heart is not involved in what we do, we are not very likely to become happy or fulfilled with what we do.

You know you are on purpose when you experience positive energy from acting on your inner guidance, with self-worth and respect, which comes from doing what is right for you. You will appreciate the unfolding of your life and value Monday’s as much as Saturday’s. The joy of ‘doing’ becomes a priority. As a result, you will be grateful for all that comes out of it. Hence, the degree and value of your gratefulness will determine the amount and value of your rewards.

“ Financial abundance is simply the Universe’s response to consistent thoughts and feelings of abundance.”   ~ Abraham


ANGEL-FORTUNA3Each of us is born with a gift, a unique talent that carries the potential to make a difference in this world. This gift is seated within our heart and is connected to the universe’s intelligence and our purpose in life. It is the force of life which holds the full package to achieve our goals and dreams. When we give to the world, with what we have been given, we automatically will be re-given what we need, to live the life that suits us and enhances our personal journey.

Therefore, giving from the heart holds a different value than giving with the mind. The mind somehow tends to expect something in return, something of value that can be measured in money or materials. When the heart gives, it does it without expectations, because it is the natural flow and working of the heart. Interesting enough, when we give with the intention of love, we are always re-given, it is the Law of the Universe. It doesn’t necessarily need to come from the person or source to whom we have given; the universe tends to work in wondrous ways.

The faster way to bring more wonderful examples of abundance into your personal experience, is to take constant notice of the wonderful things that are already there.”  ~ Esther Hicks


Pay attention to your focus and inner vision, because what we attract is always in alignment with how we think and feel, which is a reflection of our self-worth. In order to receive, we need to open ourselves to the gift of abundance and allow the energy of the universe to flow through us. By holding this intention, we place ourself in a powerful vortex, supporting us to attract endless blessings.

Be grateful for the big and small blessings in your life, because they increase the experience of inner and outer abundance!

Creator of Practical Life Guide. A practical guide for living a meaningful life with joy and purpose.


  • Alain

    Much Truth and Wisdom… Thank You Monique!

    • Frances

      I agree with Alain, Monique. Much Truth and Wisdom you’ve shared here . . .

      May we all align with our Inner Joy, our Inner Purpose, so that our Giving and Receiving flow in perfect Harmony – resulting in the Health, Wealth, and Abundance which is our Nature, our Birthright.

      Thanks once again, Beloved Sis, for the sharing of your Wisdom, the sharing of your Heart – which ALWAYS helps align me more fully with my own! Namaste _/l\_

      • Monique

        Thank you beloved friends, for your appreciation! It is such a joy to feel the alignment with you, knowing that we are on the same path of truth and connection! Thank you for shining your light on it!
        Much Love to you both ♡ ♡

  • Rob

    Thanks Monique for such a clear insightful article on manifesting wealth. I am working on my wealth blocks now but know that we will all soon be in the flow of abundance of wealth which is the natural state, the loving state of being. Love to all brothers and sisters who are on the path, much blessings, we will all make it.

    • Monique

      Thank you Rob, for your encouraging words of wisdom, and the acknowledgement of our natural state of being. It is such pleasure to walk this journey together! Wishing you much Love, Blessings and Abundance in your manifestation! ♡

  • Karen

    I think I don’t have favourites, but I guess I do at times 🙂 because this blog of yours *is* a favouirite, and thank you Monique! And such a feeling of resonating with it. Such a wonderful feeling.
    You write so beautifully and impart knowledge and thoughts so beautifully, too.

    Wow! This really is a gem of a blog, and thank you my friend. ​♡

    • Monique

      Thank you Karen dear, for your beautiful and sincere expression of appreciation! I’m honoured for your enthusiasm. You are so generous and kind, it enhances my writing!! ツ
      Loving Blessings to you my friend ♡

      • Karen

        Your blogs, Monique, really do enhance my life, and for this ….. and for you and them, I am so grateful. Thank you my friend.
        Much Love and Light,
        Many blessings.

  • Gabriela

    “Be grateful for the big and small blessings in your life, because they increase the experience of inner and outer abundance!” ….these very wise words seem to sum up the essence of …everything , dear Monique ! Thank you , once again for choosing this very important topic and sharing your insight with us . Unfortunately , most people ‘s lives are driven by the material “wealth” , perhaps more so those in urban areas …but , as you mentioned , it’s ruled mostly by our “progressive and very competitive” society …so most of us cannot escape it . Sometimes it takes time and experience to realize that the “rat race” ( as we call it here in NY ) hence the ugly , negative name… has such a bad effect on our souls…hopefully it’s never too late to realign our direction and be able to change the way we view “wealth” …life can be of better quality , richer and a lot healthier with less material goods and more accent on our inner well being …I identify with this belief and I’m grateful for many small and big things , one of them being having you as a Friend . Thank you again for making me see things better all the time , dear Monique !
    Blessings , Wealth & Abundance to you 🙂 <3

    • Monique

      Thank you Gabriela, for your beautiful comment and explaining so well how you experience Wealth within, and around you. I’m positive many of us can relate. We are so programmed to believe that a good job and a successful career brings us joy and satisfaction. However, at some point, we may realise that the money itself doesn’t do that! Perhaps that is why people ask themselves: “Is this all?” There are many wake-up calls to choose differently, it is never too late. I actually believe it is always on time, as we first need to experience the other side to appreciate and realise the beautiful gem we have within us.
      Thank you once again dear friend, for your in-depth comment and sharing your views!
      Magnified Blessings in return, ツ ♡

  • Maria Susana Garcia

    Sure … A lot of wisdom you have sent to us dear friend Monique … So deep words full our heart of freedom .. To live life in other way .. thinking and making things with the true purpose of our lives .. And becoming human beings with health … full of hope and love to spread around .. Many, many blessings to you …

    • Monique

      Thank you Lovely Maria, for your kind and encouraging words!
      Blessings of Health, Wealth and Abundance to you!! ♡

  • Monalisa Joshi

    Beautiful said Monique that money is not the real wealth, but the way we live our lives with a grateful heart and counting each of our blessings is what makes us wealthy. I will tell you when I was going through my lowest phase I felt that I saw nothing good in anything, it felt as if I was so pathetically stuck, no sooner I changed my view and opened my heart’s door to let come all the good energy I was filled with light and then the same positive energy began to reflect from my children, my husband and our little space. We felt the richness of love towards each other, an earlier when things that have caused greater chaos in the household now the same things I notice are dealt more in light hearted manner and soon the negative vibes disappear… I find this to be the real wealth in my life, happiness, joy, love and of course as you have very rightly said that money is just a resource to buy and give things. It aids good living but the real wealth in being less demanding. Not to forget the gifts of talents …true said by you another wealth in our lap <3 Thank you so much Monique for this amazing blog and to your so much conscious insights that flow divinely through your words. Blessings <3

  • Monique

    What a wonderful story of encouragement and alignment with faith, you’ve shared with me/us Monalisa.
    Our perspective on life, ourselves and our personal circumstances, influences in a very big way how we experience life and the people that are part of it. It sounds transformative, from fear and lack to love and abundance! I love it, and I sincerely hope that you will share your insights and experiences with the world, for others to find courage in yours!! ツ

    Thank you for being here and sharing from the heart! I so much appreciate that, and you SiStar Monalisa!!
    Love and Blessings to you ♡

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