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Oil Pulling for Better Health and a Brighter Smile


Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic technique which has long been used to detox the body. In recent times, it has experienced a huge revival all over the world. It is an inexpensive way to remove toxins and bacteria from the body. It also enhances the overall strengthening of the teeth and gums and works as an excellent tooth whitener.

It can also be used as part of an anti-candida treatment, which I did many years ago. I used organic sunflower oil back then, which does the job perfectly. However, after I discovered the wonderful workings of coconut oil, I found I much prefer to use this oil. I also like the taste a lot better!

Removing harmful bacteria

In general, our oral cavity is filled with lots of bacteria, which is eliminated by our body in a most natural way. Nevertheless, if we expose ourselves to an excess of toxins, they tend to get stacked in the body, which can be harmful to our health and generate a multitude of illnesses. This is particularly the case with our current food habits, especially when combined with poor oral hygiene. The intake of many sugars is piling up harmful bacteria in our mouth, which not only cause damage to the teeth but also to our body and well- being.

Oil pulling is a wonderful way to help remove these bacteria. By pushing and pulling the oil through the mouth, our metabolism is activated and mingles the toxins and bacteria of the oral cavity with the spittle and oil. These are then removed from the body when we spit them out, together with the oil.

How to apply oil pulling?

It is not difficult, but it requires some perseverance. Use first thing in the morning, or 3 hours after your last meal. Take about 1 tsp or 5 ml. of oil in your mouth. If you use coconut oil which is not yet fluid, you may need to let it melt in your mouth first, which may take about a minute. Push and pull the oil throughout your mouth and between the teeth, but do not overdo or gargle with this oil.

The best results are gained after about 20 minutes, which is the most challenging part. If new to you, you can build it up. However, when used to it, it becomes easier, and you will find different kinds of activities to do during your ‘oil-gargle time.’ Perhaps taking a shower, doing some cleaning up, or checking your emails.

In any case, be careful not to swallow the oil, as it is filled with the bacteria from the mouth. If you happen to swallow the oil accidentally, it will not harm your body, but the effectiveness is nullified, and you might feel nauseous for a while.


After the 20 minutes, the oil can spit out in a piece of paper which you can toss in the bin. It’s preferable not to spit the oil into the sink or toilet as it can block your drain.

It is important to rinse your mouth well with lukewarm water, as the spit contains a lot of bacteria. Optionally, add salt to the rinse water, because of its purifying qualities. You can also brush your teeth and tongue clean, with some toothpaste or baking soda. Also, drink plenty of water for a better discharge of toxins and waste out of your body.


Ailments can reduce or disappear within one to two weeks. Sometimes the oil pulling needs to be sustained for several months, especially if you have a severe bacterial infection, like candida. When you feel better, you can apply the oil pulling preventively about two or three times a week. Besides the amazing health benefits, your teeth will look whiter and brighter, too. It also helps to cure and prevent oral inflammation and bleeding.

Oil pulling is relatively cheap. Your only expense is the oil. It is easy to use compared to other forms of detoxification and is completely harmless. Almost anyone can do it, regardless of your level of health.

Sometimes the simplest procedures produce the greatest results!!


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  • Frances

    Thanks for this, Monique! Great article!

    I love to oil-pull also, for the sake of my health. I don’t necessarily enjoy the process, yet it’s worth it for the benefits received.

    I must say that when I first started (a year or two ago), I didn’t find it easy, and found myself retching. So your suggestion of building the number of minutes up over time I think is a particularly good one! 🙂 And your idea of using salt in the rinse water is interesting, and something I plan to try . . .

    I’ve alternated between cold-pressed olive oil, sesame oil, and raw, organic coconut oil. I, too, prefer to use the coconut oil, though I think it may also be the most difficult to get used to, retch-wise. But – practise makes perfect, and we get there in the end . . . 🙂

    Much Love, dear Sis, and thanks again for the sharing of your knowledge and enthusiasm! ❤️

    • Monique

      Interesting Frances, how experiences can be so different. I started oil pulling with organic sunflower oil many years ago, which has only given me the retching experience in the very beginning. I never liked the taste of the oil though. However, since I use coconut oil, I find it much easier and more appealing to do. To me, the taste is more neutral… and for some reason I’ve start enjoying the oil-pulling. I’ve also become very comfortable to move around and do all kind of activities in between. Before I now it, the 20 minutes have past.

      Thank You for sharing your personal experiences dear Frances, I really appreciate your genuine contribution. It really makes a difference, as we are all different in our Uniqueness!! ツ
      Much Love and Good luck with the oil-pulling. ♡

  • Monalisa Joshi

    thanks Monique …I really had no idea and information on this and had never heard of the technique as well….but I suffer a lot from flu and cold very often…I am definitely going to try oil pulling…coconut oil is always at my home so I can benefit myself from this ….very informative article ….thanks Monique I really appreciate your efforts in guiding us towards better health <3

    • Monique

      Thank you for your comment Monalisa. Interesting to hear, that oil pulling is new to you, as this Ayurvedic technique comes from your corner of the world!
      Sorry to hear that you suffer from cold and flu so regularly. I’m glad this information can be of use to you, to improve your health and well being. Have you ever considered to visit an Ayurvedic Medical Practitioner, as I’m sure there are many practising in New Delhi!! ツ

      Love and Healing Blessings to you Monalisa dear ♡

  • Karen Berdou

    Hi Monique! I have of course heard of this, and all good reports too. I’m so happy to have read your blog because this really has decided me, and as I have a jar of good quality coconut oil, I will definitely now start tomorrow! It sounds a really good idea to start with 5 minutes and build up, because I know that works with so many things…..and I always have so many things to do in the morning, too, so that will be the perfect time to the oil pulling. Thanks once again….and I love your blogs and thank you.

    • Monique

      Wonderful to hear this technique is appealing to you Karen, it will for sure benefit your health and well-being! I hope your first effort today was a good one! ツ It becomes much easier in time too… especially after you feel more comfortable to move around at the same time.
      Thank you for your contribution, your kindness and the appreciation for my blogs!
      Much Love and Healing Blessings your way ♡

  • Rit Peeraer

    Dank je, lieve Monique! Dit ga ik zeker uitproberenIk zou denken dat de olie vloeibaar is.20 minuten lijkt me ook lang, maar moet lukken met op te bouwen! Maar welke olie raad jij aan en waar kan ik die best kopen? Liefs! xxx <3

    • Monique

      Lieve Rit,
      Kokosolie heeft van nature een vaste structuur en wordt pas vloeibaar bij een temperatuur vanaf ongeveer 25 graden. Je kunt het vloeibaar maken door de pot op de verwarming te zetten of in een pannetje met heet water.
      Je kunt ook met biologische zonnebloem of olijfolie spoelen, maar persoonlijk geef ik de voorkeur aan biologische kokosolie. Deze is te verkrijgbaar bij alle natuur- en reformwinkels, en tegenwoordig zelfs ook in de meeste supermarkten.
      In mijn blog: ‘The Healing Wonders of Coconut-oil’ kun je hier meer over lezen, waar ik tevens een foto heb bijgevoegd van de verschillende soorten die ik gebruik!
      Liefs, en heel veel succes Rit! ♡

  • Anonymous

    Dank je, Monique, ik ga er deze week nog naar op zoek om het uit te proberen !

  • Rit

    Het commentaar hierboven … had blijkbaar mijn naam verwijderd! Xxx

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