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Responsibility Brings Maturity

Responsible for your own journey

Accepting personal responsibility for the evolving of the journey of our life is to recognise our inner strength and our ability to create meaningful lives. Each day and every moment we have the freedom and opportunity to make our personal choices. Each choice comes with consequences, for which we are always responsible. By bringing awareness in the origin of our thoughts and feelings, we empower ourselves to become mature human beings.

Law of Attraction

Maturity brings consciousness, which determines to a large extend what we bring into being for ourselves and the world. It starts with becoming aware of the energy we emit and the way we relate to others. Life has very subtle ways to demonstrate, by holding a mirror in front of us, reflected by the people around us.

The law of attraction draws to us, that which matches the energetic vibrations of our thoughts, feelings and who we are, wanted or unwanted. As we become aware of these reflections and the consequences that arise from it, we learn to empower ourselves by taking personal responsibility for who we are, instead of feeling victimised. This enables us to create positive change, in our relationships, health, career or any other area in our life.


Nevertheless, we might feel hurt, disappointed or upset with the challenges life has exposed to us. Challenges which has the potential to encourage us to improve our lives by making the necessary changes, in our thinking and being. It is very easy to hold others accountable for what happened to us, but in reality we are always self-responsible.

The lessons which life offers us may not always be very joyful, but if we use these opportunities as solid stepping stones, we give ourselves an excellent pathway to become more empowered and free. When practicing our discernment, we learn so much more about our personal strength and potential, at the same time we keep our inner peace and grow confidence.


pathway to become more empowered and freeOur emotions determine to a large extent how we experience life. Most of which we develop while growing up. It is important to acknowledge this during our adulthood and find a way to come to terms with them, as they have a tendency to influence our lives in tangible ways. If we don’t take responsibility for our life, we will experience personal resistance. A trigger to become aware of the area’s in our life which need improvement. Resistance is always a call for attention, to become aware and implement the necessary changes.

Belief System

Unexpressed emotions also transmit the energy of our belief system. Aware or unaware, suppressed energy can vibrate very intense energy frequencies. Think about the dynamic force you need to keep a ball under the water. It works the same with emotions we don’t want to come to the surface, taking away our energy and peacefulness. These repressed energies are particularly perceived by the people we are in a relationship with, children and high sensitive people, who alleviate this naturally and will respond intuitively. This can be confronting at times and possibly create confusion.

These confrontations display a perfect reflection of our belief system, which is a great opportunity to become aware and take personal responsibility. The reflections however, will vary, depending on the belief system and consciousness of the other person. As we become aware of this mechanism and the nature of our personal reality, we raise our awareness, giving us a perfect tool to improve our thoughts. When we improve our thoughts, we improve our life.


During the journey of our life, we do not only learn how people navigate differently through life, but also how challenges can be handled differently. By observing the world we live in, we are given excellent opportunities to learn more about the depths of our existence and the infinite options given to us. These observations provide us with insights and tools that can improve our life. As a result, we make better choices, because, “When we know better, we do better” (Oprah).


In any case, there is no one to blame, including ourselves for anything that didn’t go the way we had expected or hoped for. It is all part of life’s journey, our growth and the lessons that need to be learned.

By remaining open and continue practicing in alignment with the wisdom of our soul, we master ourselves to become mature and authentic human beings, cultivating harmony and balance. Opening a gateway to create meaningful lives, with joy and purpose. Allowing ourselves to transform into magnificent human beings, using our unique potential in a most beneficial way.

Creator of Practical Life Guide. A practical guide for living a meaningful life with joy and purpose.


  • Monalisa Joshi

    Thank you Monique for this amazing article and I am in absolute agreement of all that said by you wisely. You are indeed right that we need to take responsibility of our thoughts, actions first before claiming that change we desire in our lives. I have experienced this confusion living in fear and doubts, which emitted my low energy, reflecting low self esteem. I became vulnerable to those who found it easy to dominate and that made me suffer. Now I know it was all created by me no sooner I broke free from that ball of negative energy , I was able to make myself clear to others with much acceptance from their sides. This is a vicious circle and not easy to come out from but I did and took responsibility of my wants and how I wanted to be treated or flow.
    This is a beautiful reminder article and I feel happy that you brought this up and your words reflect your greater wisdom and self experience of life 🙂 abundance of love light blessings your way <3

    • Karin

      Dear Monique. I so much resonate to your profound words. And I also agree with the well written comment from Monalisa Joshi. Your article reminds me about how important it is to take responsibility because that is our healing process. Before I took responsibility for my own life, I was a victim to my resistance, but at that time I didn’t knew what to do than to suffer. Nowadays there is a magor shift going on – and many people awake from being victim of the mind to take responsibility and listening more to their hearts. We become more emotional aware. Because we are many, we consciously and unconsciously are helping each other in this time of change. The majority of awakening people emit on a higher and much more positive vibrational energy level. I am confident in the belief that we will find a more harmonious living in the nearest future with less diseases and more peace from the inside and out. Thank you for being here to sharing your bright light. With love from Denmark – Karin.

  • Monique

    Thank You Monalisa for your profound comment! I admire your ability to describe so well what you have personally experienced and how you found a way out of the negative circle created by your mind. I acknowledge how very challenging this process can be, especially if people are so used to treat you a certain way. But I believe we all come to a point where we say: “No More”. This has an impact on all we do in life, which has a lot to do with self-love and respect…. and in the end taking responsibility for ourselves!!
    I believe by finding our purpose in life we create this shift almost automatically.
    In many ways, writing is a blessing in disguise! Wouldn’t you agree?
    Keep it up SoulSis! LoveLight Blessings and lots of Inspirations your way ♡

  • Monique

    Karin dear, thank you so much for your very kind and generous comment!! I Love what you wrote and I agree with you on all you’ve written!!
    Indeed time and energy frequencies have changed a lot during the last decades, giving us access to wisdom and insight to improve our lives in profound ways. We’ve been playing the victim, only because we didn’t know any better. Isn’t an amazing though what these processes have taught us, for ourselves and others, who we can now support to improve their lives!! It is the best of all I would say, which i also what I sense ‘very clearly’ from you and your healing practise. “Less disease, more Peace” Love that!!
    It’s been wonderful to experience the beautiful resonation we have.
    I appreciate you so very much dear friend!!
    LoveLight Blessings you way ♡

  • Frances

    Another uplifting, inspiring, self-empowering blog, dearest Monique. Thank You!

    There’s no doubt, I feel, that the challenges in our lives, even the most extreme ones, are GREAT stepping stones to an empowered life. If we choose to be conscious and aware, accept our challenges for the gifts they truly are, and USE them to start making changes to our habitual destructive thoughts and ways of being, we get to test and develop our spiritual muscles, helping us return to the Radiance of our True Selves, our Highest Selves . . . 

    Certainly not always easy, but SO worthwhile!

    And – how FREEING it is to realize WE’RE THE ONES in control! How freeing it is to realize that nothing outside of us need upset or restrict us any longer!

    Thanks again, dear Sis. I feel extra energized and empowered after reading this!

    • Monique

      Thank You Frances dear, for your very Beautiful and Eloquent comment!! Such wonderful and profound addition to the blog . I’m so grateful to be able to walk this journey with you and feeling inspired and uplifted by the nature of our exchanges and mutual understanding!!

      I couldn’t agree more, it is so worthwhile to go into the depths of our existence and find there the magnificence of our being. It is liberating to realise that we always have the freedom of choice, in any given circumstance. We only need to trust this and apply to our lives to find out.
      Thank You, Thank You, Thank You… sending you a big wave of uplifting LoveLight Energy. ♡

      • Frances

        Thank YOU, dearest Monique – and allowing that beautiful big wave of uplifting LoveLight Energy to be returned to you, multiplied a thousandfold!

        Namaste, Beloved Sis _/ ♡ \_

  • gabriela

    Dear Monique ,
    Your blogs are such an incredible source of bringing into focus , again and again , things that we may have an idea of , deep down in our consciousness , but are not able to express so eloquently ! I’m grateful to you for allowing me to take a clearer and more honest introspective look at my life and come to terms with so many of “the mistakes” i’ve made …but at the same time i have this strong feeling that the things i know now would have been impossible to have known back then …i think we only gain this capability later in life …when we “mature” … and learning to take responsibility is only possible after fully realizing that we should have been in control all along , but instead , allowed others to do it …big mistake…and the reasons are many … But, i don’t want to blame myself either …being young is not a fault ! …it’s just that the only way we can learn is from going through all the good and bad and eventually get to the “tally up” point … I must say that i never felt better than the day i took my life into my own hands and ended the psychological abuse i suffered from for a very long time …i never looked back and never blamed the other person for it either … I could see then that it was always up to me to stop it …and i didn’t ! I remain “friends” with that person and that only helps me confirm my victory !
    Thanks again for the eye opening lessons and for making me feel better about myself every day !
    Love and Blessings to you , my dear Friend !

    • Monique

      Thank you Gabriela for sharing you personal story with me/us. Very profound and insightful to read how you recognised your inner power and strength and how it changed the course of your life. I really admire you for doing so and still remaining friends, which says so much about your forgiving nature and at the same time how you were able to take personal responsibility!! I’m sure you learned the other person a very valuable lesson here too… a victory for both!!

      And yes, I fully agree with you Gabriela, we learn the profound lessons of life mainly by experience. Interesting enough society does not learn us that we can take control over our own lives, rather the other way around. As from a young age, we are taught that we have to obey so many rules, at home, school, sports, socially….. etc, that we have forgotten that we are all unique and capable human beings, born to create our own authentic life.

      On the other hand I believe that by feeling irresponsible at a young age, we are also more courageous to discover new paths and explore the world and ourselves. Perhaps it is all part of our existence on planet earth. So no, there is really no one to blame….. you have all reasons to be very proud of yourself!!

      I’m ever grateful for your insightful and honest shares… as a reader of my blogs and as a friend!! Love and Blessings to you ♡

  • Karen

    This must surely be my favourite blog of yours so far (even though I always think that and every time)! :)) I have loved reading this which because of illness has taken me time to get to read, but Monique, thank you, I learned so much, and so much resonating with all I think too.
    With emotional and spiritual maturity comes Peace, and it is Peace for me which opens the way to Love and Light…..and ever more Peace! In my experience it is Mindfulness, the practice and the living of it which really made all the difference in my life….and as I always say I am a happy work in progress! I think it is Mindfulness that helps me read your beautiful post with added Awareness, added ‘open-ness’ and therefore added resonance for all which I so agree with, and all that has made me think, feel, and as always learn from this which you have written.
    Bless you Monique for sharing these blogs with us all. What a joy and pleasure it always is to receive and read them.
    Namaste, dear friend.

    • Monique

      Thank you Karen dear for your very beautiful and heartfelt comment!! I’m very honoured to hear that you liked this blog so much, and recognised the deeper message. It’s a crown on my efforts to write it as clear and practical as possible.
      I so agree, maturity brings peace, which is actually ‘that’ which we really want to achieve in our lives, by living a truthful and authentic life. It is the amazing effect of practicing mindfulness!!
      Thank you once again for sharing your profound insights, which I love reading and feels so right in my heart.
      Love, Joy and Blessing to you my dear friend ♡
      Namaste _/|\_


    Good content .
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge.
    keep posting .

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