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Light is what we are, igniting from the energy body as a reflection of our soul. It is seated within our heart and is expressed through love. It is the ever present and sacred energy of our being, in this human life and beyond. It is the part of us that never dies and has chosen for the experiences we have in this human incarnation.


The day we understand the greatness of our divine light is the day life starts working for us. As a consequence, we feel more empowered and confident of ourselves, with an overflow of love for ourselves and others. This awareness creates growth and gratitude, allowing us to be truly authentic, which generates unlimited potential. Enabling us to reach new heights, filling our heart with purpose and joy. It is a flowing state of being by which we feel pulled forward by big goals, yet happy where we are at the present moment.

To live in your light, you need to stay focused and connected to your inner field of light. The more you allow yourself to live from your light, the more visible and vast it becomes to the outside world. Your light will be illuminated and mirrored in all you do by expressing your authentic self. Being your true self also means liberating yourself and letting go of all that does not resonate with the essence of your light.

“Don’t you know yet? It is your light that lights the worlds.” ~ Rumi


Life is a continuous process of learning and growing. We evolve by our challenges and by the contrasts of life, which is part of our human existence. As fear teaches us the meaning of love, so does darkness teach us the essence of light. Dark doesn’t mean negative or bad, but rather the hidden aspects of our personality that want to be heard. It is part of the active masculine side that brings us in tune with our hidden drives, helping us to become whole and balanced with our passive feminine side.

When we accept the value of both sides, our light becomes brighter, transforming the dark into balance and wholeness, allowing everything to find its rightful place. Just like the yin/yang concept that refers to two opposing forces that hold all aspects of life and that of the universe.

“I wish I could show you, when you are lonely or in darkness, the astonishing light of your own being.”
~ Hafiz

re-ignite your light


When we be who we are and do what we love, we brighten the world. We shine from within by fulfilling our purpose and all that makes us feel happy and fulfilled. Next to finding the deeper meaning of our existence, it is often the small gestures in life that have the biggest impact. A small deed of kindness could make a world of difference to anyone and uplift their spirit. A smile at a stranger, a helpful hand for someone in need or a token of appreciation for someone’s presence in your life. One brief moment of heartfelt sentiments can leave a lifetime impression behind.

By sharing of ourselves we make a significant difference, even if we don’t notice the rippled effects immediately. Somehow, life will always reflect it back upon us, one way or the other. Our light and being are the uniqueness that adds unto all that is and ever was. It is within this uniqueness that we find our very purpose for living life. Once we embrace our own light, we open a portal for others to recognise their own.

“If you can’t do great things, do small things in a great way.” ~ Napoleon Hill


Some people have chosen to be born as lightworkers in human form. Their purpose is to help raise the consciousness of mankind. They serve in a variety of different ways and occupations, to help expand light and spread goodness for humanity. Their mere existence on earth creates openings for light to come through from higher realms, hence making them very sensitive and vulnerable to influences from outside.

Lightworkers have a “core” of goodness within them and carry a high energy vibration, helping them to be positive and loving. Fortunately, because lightworkers often come with dual or multiple purposes. Just like anyone else, they have their personal issues to work on, in addition to what their soul agreed to, to serve as a channeller of light. Their life lessons can be intense, often as from a young age, as a way to become aware of the darkness in this world. By working through the different levels of human existence, they are reminded of their soul made agreement. Therefore, it can take half a lifetime before they recognise this and are ready to become the beacons of light they agreed to be.

“We always have the ability to shine our soul’s light, access a greater reality and live in the heart of possibility.” ~ Panache Desai


BE A LIGHTHOUSEWe all have the potential to become a beacon of light and make a difference in someone’s life, in our very own way, for our loved ones, our community or the solidarity for the needy.

By doing so, we expand our potential and ability to illuminate our God given light. It doesn’t necessarily mean to go find people to be saved, in service of a lifeboat. Rather be a lighthouse, standing tall and solid, shining your light, ignited from your purpose and joy.

It is the essence of illumination that brings transformation into our being and likely in that of others.

Creator of Practical Life Guide. A practical guide for living a meaningful life with joy and purpose.


  • Ian Kelly

    Great stuff once again my friend

  • Alain

    Dear Monique,
    Such a great and powerful blog post once more My Friend…
    And, I so resonate with your words 😉 It seems to me as if this inner work, making my way through all of the levels of human existence, as you say it, is like a non-stop digging of an infinite well. Sometimes, like now, I feel so tired, so discouraged and overwhelmed by the feelings that I am never gonna make it… and, then, looking at myself and my life, I can find myself BEing more and more Radiant, manifesting more and more of this Light that I Am always… recognizing Now writing these words that Yes I can always BE more Divine and Love and Light… but, what I achieved so far is simply outstanding… being able to recognize where I was and where I am now… Whooohooo!
    Thank You! I so much needed this recognition of myself in this present moment… as a Present to myself and My Self for Christmas!
    Thanks again Monique! Merry Christmas to You and your family! I Love You Dear Sistar 😉 ♡ ♡ ♡

    • Monique

      Dear Alain,
      I love hearing that you recognized your own beautiful light in the reading of my blog!! You created your own Christmas gift and by doing so your shine even brighter!!! You are beautiful and perfect just the way you are in any given moment!
      I believe that we are always at the right place at the right time to shine our light, all different, but in harmony together. Sometimes we may look too far as we think we need to be Divine, as in reality we only need to be authentic, which is our divine presence. When we experience sincere joy we shine our brightest light!
      Thank you and Blessings radiant friend, keep shining your Bright Light.
      Love to you ♡

  • Gabriela

    This topic couldn’t have come at a better moment , dear Monique ! It’s this time in the year when we may be more reflective and more self introspective … so your blog , is guiding me , once again into a little deeper “analysis” of myself … it’s also reassuring me of my self worth and enabling me to accept a lot of things that I often question !
    I’m very grateful to you for opening eyes into my deeper soul through the lessons I learn from you ! This will always be a “work in progress” process , but with your help and support it just seems easier and so much better focused !
    I thank you and wish you and all your loved ones a Magical Holiday Season …
    …have a very Merry Christmas and a New Year better than any other !
    Love ,

    • Monique

      Aaaah, Thank you Gabriela for your beautiful words. It warms my heart to know that I can be helpful in some way by writing from the soul. It is interesting how I feel guided to write about certain topics and to receive your beautiful reflection!
      We are all ‘work in progress’ my friend. The heart always knows, but our personality has its own way of dealing with things and needs time to adjust. It is actually a joyful process if we follow through on our intuition, it is just not something we learn in society.
      My infinite gratefulness for your input and support my friend.
      Have a Bright and Magical Holiday Season and a most Wonderful and Joyful New Year!!
      Love to you, xxx

  • Catherine DePino

    I loved how you explored both the light and dark aspects of ourselves. This is heartfelt and inspirational. You are a great teacher and guide, Monique.

    • Monique

      Thank you dear Catherine, for your beautiful and sincere words. They touch my heart!
      Love and Blessings to you _/|\_

  • Frances

    I love and absolutely resonate with what you’ve expressed here, Monique. My response is simply a big, resounding ‘Yes’!

    Much Love and many thanks for your rich sharing, dear Friend –
    Frances _/l\_

    • Monique

      Thank you Frances dear for your heartfelt and sincere comment.
      Much Love to you and thank you for being here with me!

  • Karin

    Dearest Monique. The first thing that I recognized by reading your blog was the similarity between your name Monique and the word unique. You indeed are unique. I so much resonate with your words and especially the capture regarding Lightworker. It took me 50 years to find the purpose of my sensitivity and turning the way my sensitivity affected me from negative to positive. Each day I recognize more and more the deep love I found in the shadows of my personality. Each day I am grateful for all the contrasts that I was guided through. Contrasts that showed me the way into self-love. Thank you for, once again to have given me the opportunity, through your words to recognize my purpose here in this plane. It is not about feeling special, but to recognize my uniqueness and worthiness, and from that platform to shine the light that I am. With all the love from my heart, I send you light and good vibrations. Karin

    • Monique

      Dear Karin,
      Thank you so much for your reflective comment and the big smile on my face! I’m not surprised that my words resonate with you, as so often I sense we resonate so well with each other. It is a wonderful journey that is enhancing and uplifts the spirit.
      I’m very grateful for our connection and the illumination of your Beautiful and Unique Light!!
      Thank you for being here and expressing yourself so beautifully!
      Love and Blessings to you _/|\_

  • Maria Susana Garcia

    Dear friend angel Monique .. All you write about light fulfills my soul … Your words are exactly we need .. I ask you forgive for my late answering .. But I was sad .. Now I am well.It’s very important to have read all you have written ..Thanks my dear friend Ligtly soul … The Universe bless you dear fried Monique …

    • Monique

      Thank you for your heartfelt comment dear Maria, which always comes at the right moment,… as time doesn’t really matter. Taking care of yourself does matter and I’m glad you did!! Although, I’m sorry to hear you have been feeling sad.
      Stay blessed my friend. LoveLight Blessings your way ♡

  • Karen

    Another wonderful blog Monique, so greatly enjoyed as always. As Catherine says, you are a very good teacher.
    You shine your light so beautifully Monique, and I am blessed to know you my dear friend.
    ​ ​​​​♡​

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