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Stay Young and Healthy with Deacidification

young and healthy with de-acidification

The majority of people in our modern society suffer from acidification, without being aware of it, caused by increasing intake of toxic and acid-forming foods, such as processed sugars, artificial sweeteners, refined grains, conventionally produced meat and dairy, and not to forget hidden genetically modified organisms. These foods overburden our immune system, which becomes disordered.


When the acidity in the body is too high, it has an adverse impact on the joints. To correct the acidity, the body uses minerals such as calcium, potassium and magnesium from the bones. The body can not miss these substances, causing joint problems, such as arthritis, rheumatism, muscle loss, including receding gums and weak or broken teeth.

A high acidified body is an ideal habitat for pathogens, such as constipation, upset stomach, infection, skin problems, muscle cramp, headaches, allergies, sensitive joints, heart rhythm disorders, fungal infections, such as candida, and many more.

In a more advanced stage, symptoms can aggravate in diabetes, gout, stroke, extreme fatigue, depression and an overloaded immune system, which can causes seriuos and chronicle ailments such as heart disease and cancer.


We can re-balance our acid-base by changing our lifestyle; by following an Alkaline based diet, supported by light exercise, optimal breathing, fresh air, a positive attitude, sufficient sleep during the night and the illumination of stress and radiation. The improvement of our lifestyle will help restore the immune system and re-balance the pH level.

There are numerous of tests on the market to measure the level of your acid-alkaline, with only a few drops of morning urine. When out of balance, I highly recommend using Alkaline products, such as Sodium bicarbonate, to support and re-balance your pH level.



An alkaline diet helps to restore the acid balance. This diet is mainly vegetarian, with lots of fresh vegetables, fruits, herbal tea’s, dairy with galactose bacteria, sourdough bread and cold pressed oil. Drink sufficient clean and filtered water, preferably with a 1/4 tsp of Sodium bicarbonate, at the beginning and the end of your day.

It is wise to avoid processed and prepared foods, such as sugar, alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, light products, dairy foods and meat. After a strict diet for perhaps two months, it is advisable to maintain an acid-base lifestyule. However, this does not mean to avoid acid forming foods altogether, as the body does need some, as incineration of acid produces energy.


In previous blogs, I have written about the alkaline workings of Apple Cider Vinegar and Sodium bicarbonate. In addition, I like to emphasise the use of fresh Lemon juice. Lemon is extremely acid, just as Apple Cider Vinegar, but the kind that alkaline’s when processed in the body. They have the quality to bring a perfect pH balance with incredible detoxification qualities. When you make it a habit to start your day with a cup of hot water with a big squeeze of lemon juice, you willl make your blood more alkaline and boost your digestion, decreasing inflammation and pain. For sure a powerful kickstart of your day!


Meine-Base3To Alkaline the body, your can bath with Apple Cider Vinegar, Sodium Bicarbonate, or Alkaline Mineral Salt. My favourite Mineral Salt is MeineBase from Jentschura, with a pH value 8.5. It’s a mixture of 8 fine grounded gemstones: agate, carnelian, chalcedony, chrysoprase, citrine, sapphire, rock crystal, and onyx. These gems are fitted to the chakras of the body and help to open them and keep a continuous flow of energy.

BATHING-2Next to detoxification and balancing the pH level, it also energises the entire energy system. After a bath, your skin feels silky and soft, making a body lotion unnecessary. Health problems that may result from acidification in the body, such as fungi, psoriasis, acne and even rheumatism ailment, may decrease when taking a regular alkaline bath.


The accumulation of acid waste in our body promotes the ageing process. Removing the stored acid waste, is equivalent to reverse ageing. Meaning, younger by deacidification! There is no reason to accept ageing with additional ailments as a part of life.

‘Reverse Aging’ is a classic book on pH balance and living a healthy life, written by Sang Whang. The book is composed in a popular scientific way, making it accessible to a broad public.

Available in Dutch: ‘Jonger door Ontzuren’ door Sang Whang

Finally, an acid-base balance is the foundation for good health, a proper metabolism and an optimal digestion, preventing disease.

Creator of Practical Life Guide. A practical guide for living a meaningful life with joy and purpose.


  • Martine

    Thank you Monique for sharing this interesting information with us.
    I am always looking forward to read your blog! It gives such a good feeling! 😉
    Keep up doing the good work!
    warm hug !!!

    • Monique

      Thank you dear Martine, for your very nice and uplifting words!! I’m pleased to hear my blogs are welcomed and perhaps add some value!! ツ
      Love and Warm Hugs to you ♡

  • Frances

    Keeping our bodies on the side of alkalinity is for SURE such an important step towards health and wellbeing, Monique. In years past, I suffered greatly from candida overgrowth, intestinal distress, constipation, food sensitivities, brain fog, skin disorders, achy joints (especially hips), fatigue, and depression – and learning about acidity/alkalinity in the body has been an incredible boon to my understanding of how to feel (and stay!) well.

    As you said in your newsletter, it makes the difference between living well, or simply surviving. And surviving is what I felt I was doing for a long, long time . . .

    My mainstays for becoming/staying alkaline are: green, raw smoothies each day (almost always with whole lemon or lime in it), kombucha (fermented tea, which I’ve started making for myself), whole foods (almost nothing that’s packaged), plenty of good, clean water, and the avoidance of dairy and wheat. I do still enjoy coffee and alcohol, yet feel my body manages it well since my diet overall is healthy.

    I haven’t yet gotten into using bicarb soda on a regular basis (and I’m happy you’ve reminded me of it!), and I LOVE your suggestion of taking an alkalizing bath. That, with some essential oils and candles . . . aaaaahhh! Lovely!

    Thanks for this great blog, Sis. Love it, and Love YOU!

    • Monique

      Thank you so much Frances dear for your beautiful and insightful comment! I really appreciate you share that with me/us. It seems like we suffered from equal discomfort for quite some time. Frustrating enough, at the time, I had no idea what it caused, neither could any medical doctor tell me. I’ve only learned by holistic practitioners and by self-research!! Because just surviving was not something I could accept.

      I appreciate the sharing on your food intake. It equals a lot of what I do too. It is always wise to listen to our inner voice and feel what is best for us, as no two persons are the same. I do wonder how you make fermented tea yourself. I’ve read very recently that ‘fermented’ food is really good for us.
      I’m sure you will love it the bathing part, which has helped me enormously to deacidify my body. I never enjoyed bathing before, but since bathing with MeineBase (or bicarb soda) I always look forward to it, as it supports me in so many ways!! ツ

      Cheers to our health beloved Sis. Love you lots!! ♡

      • Frances

        Yes, Monique, it seems we’ve gone through very similar experiences in regards to health- both in the depletion and revitalization of it!

        I’ve always loved having baths, yet have had fewer of them since we moved to Queensland, where it’s hotter; and also (and especially) now that we have long-term family/guests staying with us who are using the bathroom with the bath. Once we have our own space again, I think I’ll really start indulging more in the beautiful, sustaining, health-giving luxury of alkalizing baths. For now, I’ll simply continue to aid deacidification by keeping my bare feet on the ground as much as possible.

        Yes, Sis. It’s only in the last year or so that I’ve started learning about the incredible health benefits of fermented foods, and it’s one of my biggest passions right now to learn more about it, make it, and incorporate it more into my/our lives . . .

        I learned to make kombucha on the internet, and got my final inspiration after talking with some people who make, and sell kombucha at our weekly local markets. I’ve had my lot going for about 6 months now, and definitely feel better as a result of consuming only a little each morning and evening. To start it off you need to be able to get a scoby and starter tea from somewhere, and I got mine from a healthfood store. Best if you can find someone near you who makes kombucha, and get the ‘starters’ from them. I actually have a local lady coming here this afternoon to get some tea and a scoby from me, so that she can start on the kombucha journey! 🙂 In exchange, I’ll be getting some of her free-range eggs.

        Only recently I’ve made my first small batch of simple sauerkraut, and I plan to do a LOT of vegetable fermentation now that our vegetable garden is really getting going. I’m excited about it, yet only wish I had more hours in each day!

        Yes – here’s cheers to our (and EVERYONE’S) health, Beloved Sis! Huge Hug and Endless Love and Gratitude to you! 🙂 xox

        • Monique

          Aaaaaah, how I love to read and learn more about alkalizing the body by your practice and insights of fermented food Frances dear. It was done so naturally in the old days, people use to ferment their summer harvest to get through winter, in a very healthy way!! Like Gabriela said, it contains the natural probiotics and is very wholesome. I love to learn more about it and find ways to make it myself! I’ve noticed that there is a lot of information on the internet! I’m positive that I will find someone who grows kombucha, so I can start myself. The exchange for organic fresh eggs sounds very good! ツ

          I understand exactly what you say about taking baths in your warm climate… and preferring to walk barefoot, which is very common in Australia!! I do take more baths during wintertime myself, as it feels less necessary in summer. The visits to the beach make up for it!! ツ Most importantly is to ‘feel’ what’s right for you!

          Good Luck with fermenting your vegetables Frances, and enjoy!! Thank you once again for sharing your insights and experience with us! I so appreciate it!! ツ

          Endless Blessings of Love to you and a very Big Hug (((((♡)))))

          • Frances

            Thanks, Monique, and thumbs up to all you’ve said here. HEAPS of Love and Appreciation to you, Beloved Sis. . . xox

  • Monalisa Joshi

    Wow Monique thank you so much dear for this informative blog..and you have described all the details with great care and have brought forth something many of us are not aware of. Like the food items you have mentioned is quite different to our food culture here, but this is true that our food is very spicy and acidic…so it might be the cause of many diseases mentioned in your blog. But we do consume lemon a lot in our salads or simply a glass of lemonade is something me and my family drinks regularly in summers. Also dairy products like cottage cheese (we call it paneer) here and lots of homemade curd is regular in our diet. But I still wasn’t aware of many points you have described in the blog and will try to do my best to follow some of these like bathing in slat is something I have never tried before ..will surely give it a try. Thank you once again for bringing such informative articles and writing for the well beings of us ..much love and blessings your way <3

    • Monique

      Thank you for your appreciation of my blog Monalisa! You are right, your traditional food is very different to ours. I’m positive it is not as acid, fattening, sugary and high-calorie, which has become standard to our western foods. It is interesting to see that the introduction of western foods to other parts of the world, simultaneously increases the western ailments. Unfortunately, the wealth of fortunate individuals does not necessarily support their health! Awareness is everything. Therefore, I love writing about it, because when we know better, we do better!!

      Many of our ‘self-care’ health trends come from your corner of the world, like the use of lemon, ginger, curcumin, curcuma, and many other spices. Even though chilly pepper is very spicy, it is also very healing, I use it a lot in my kitchen!! Often the most basic natural products are best for us, as it contains all ‘medicines’ we need.

      Thank you dear SiStar, for sharing your personal experience and uses with me/us. I really appreciate it… always!! We are learning a lot from each other really! ツ

      Much Love and Blessings your way!! ♡

  • Gabriela

    Dear Monique !
    I always have in my kitchen the apple cider vinegar , sodium bicarbonate and of course , lemmons ! But your blog is such a blessing , because it acts as a reminder for me to actually use those things more often than i do …i confess , i’m one of those people that need “a little push” ! I don’t know much about fermented foods , but i do make my own kefir ( which would be fermented milk) and i have a small glass every morning . I also hear pickles are very good ( and sauerkraut ) , they have probiotic benefits and i would think they are alkaline as well since they are acidic …. and lucky for me i love sour things more than sweet ones ! I also use a magnesium lotion /or oil on the parts of my body that seem to need help … i believe it helps ! I’m not very good at taking baths , but i will make myself do it , especially when my joints will give me a hard time !
    I thank you so much for writing your blog and “keeping me in line” 😉 🙂
    Blessings to you , my wise and generous Friend ….and any hugs ! <3

    • Monique

      Hello Gabriela dear,
      I’m pleased to hear that my blogs work as a reminder for you!
      Fermented foods are very healthy indeed. Kefir for one is very wholesome and can heal many ailments! We had it at home when I was a child, also the dairy lady at the farmers market keeps telling her customers about the many healing benefits of Kefir. I only drink it during summer when I enjoy cold drinks. ツ
      I’m not sure about pickles, as fruits and vegetables fermented in vinegar are not very alkaline, it is the kind of acid we don’t want… like mustard. They have a bloating effect on me. You can have a look at the ‘alkaline diet’ list in my blog too if you want.
      The baths are really wonderful Gabriela, next to an energy boost they really lessen ache of joints and muscles.
      Thank you once again for your sincere response. I Always appreciate them so much, as we both are learning from it!
      Loving Blessings to you dear friend, and a Big Hug ♡

      • Frances

        I’m interested in the fact that you make kefir, Gabriela, and that you’ve known about and had it since you were a child, Monique! I’ve only recently learned about it, and plan to start making my own some day soon.

        Properly fermented pickles are apparently very healthy and alkalizing, Monique, as is properly fermented sauerkraut. However, almost all the pickles and sauerkraut we buy in supermarkets these days are pasteurized and made with ready-made vinegar, and those ones contain very little goodness or health benefit.

        Hugs to you both! I’m loving the inspiration I’m getting from everyone’s different inputs 🙂 xox xox

        • Monique

          Thank you Frances for sharing the information about the big difference between naturally fermented and factory applied. This really makes sense, as most supermarket foods are not very wholesome because they have found cheaper ways to process the food, with consequences for our health. It is the reason I don’t like eating them at all!! We need to go back to natural fermentation and get the health benefits!!

          Feeling very grateful for your inspirational shares Frances dear! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Big Hug and kiss for you!!

          • Frances

            Thanks, Monique – and yes – well said! I’m absolutely loving how we’re all learning (and being reminded) by our interactions here on your blog! 🙂

            Big hug and kiss in return, Beloved Sis! xox

            • Gabriela

              Monique and Frances …i just want to mention that the pickles and the sauerkraut are the kind fermented in brine …not vinegar ! and of course if one could make the at home ( not hard at all) that would be optimal ! unfortunately it’s not always easy to have access at all natural foods and ingredients when one lives in a city . 🙁 … even the milk i use for the kefir is not what it should be , but where am i going to find fresh(unpasteurized) milk ? So glad we could exchange opinions and ideas ! hugs to both of you !

              • Frances

                Yes, Gabriela – I sure did understand what you meant. I actually have made my first small batch of fermented sauerkraut in the last couple of weeks, and it was made simply by cutting up a red cabbage with some garlic, sprinkling salt over it, crushing it with my hands for about 10 minutes to create a brine, and jarring. It’s worked out well, considering it’s my first attempt! 🙂

                Isn’t there a health food store somewhere nearby where you could purchase unpasteurized milk?

                Hugs in return, Beloved Sis xox

                • Gabriela

                  Thanks Frances for sharing your recipe for sauerkraut ! As for the unpasteurized milk , i’m not aware of it being available in health stores …i will make inquiries …i always thought it would only be available near a farm ! Thanks again for your input ! 🙂

  • Souli Yates

    Thank you Monique, great information, a timely reminder ❤️

  • Maria Susana Garcia

    This article is very, very important … We must take care our body … Doing all you have mentioned .. And my person may be an example of problems we can get .. eating acid food .. I have Barret Syndrom .. So Thanks my friend .. It is necessary to eliminate acidification .. because as you said our body must have an alcaline reaction … I consider this is the cause of a lot of illness to the body … . You are doing a gret job .. Love and blessings to you Monique …

    • Monique

      Dear Maria,
      Thank you for you valuable input and sharing about Barret Syndrom, that is indeed caused by heartburn and acid from the stomach, which is very harsh.
      Sorry to hear you are suffering from this. I truly hope you can reverse and heal this by changing your diet and/or lifestyle!! It may take some time! I’m grateful to know that my blogs can be a supports to you, in your journey to well-being!!! ツ
      I send you Love and Healing Blessings dear friend ♡

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