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Letting Go, a Gateway to Personal Freedom

Personal Freedom

“Just let it go,” is a statement we hear and use quite often, especially when we talk about our worries, fears, old habits or people and situations that do not feel good to us anymore. Letting Go – it sounds easy, but what does it mean really and how do we bring it into practice?

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Discernment is Key


Discernment is key, enabling you to stand in your own strength and work on your self-confidence. It is the ability to act and make choices in alignment with your deepest needs. An empowering way to becoming aware of yourself, who you are and what you want in life. Only then are you able to make choices that are best for you.

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Do You Follow Your Heart


It often takes time to find out what our true purpose in life is. Some people know already at early childhood what they want to become. However, for most of us it is a step-by-step process to find out what our heart is calling for.

I recall and embrace those moments of recognition, appearing as a ‘light bulb’ moment, with a clear feeling or vision about the new direction of my life. A feeling that gives a sense of excitement, gratefulness and inner peace.

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"Throughout my life I've worked through many life processes with the assistance of spiritual teachers, authors and guru's. However, the real change occurred when applying this knowledge into my daily life, directed with the wisdom of my heart and soul".Read More>>


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