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The Cat as Life Teacher

cat as life teacher

Cats are considered to be zen masters, excellent yoga practitioners, loving companions and proven to possess remarkable healing powers. We can learn so much from these beautiful and mysterious house tigers; by just observing them and being close to them, they become our living Buddha’s!

“When I look into the eyes of an animal I do not see an animal. I see a living being. I see a friend. I feel a soul.”   ~ A.D. Williams


Cats are excellent teachers. Simply watching them brings us into the present moment consciousness; their Buddha-like energy, with gracious and calm moves, playful at times, yet alert when needed. The delightfulness of their divine presence opens our heart to approach life in a softer way.

cat-and-child3Their affectionate behaviour learns us unconditional love and friendship, their personal needs humbleness, their movements and rhythm, balance and flexibility. Their stubborn and unique character teach us, that regardless of the circumstances, to always stay true to ourselves; still, to not see it as the ultimate aim and remain open and curious to life’s little and delightful pleasures.

Never think of a cat as being lazy, as sleeping and resting are required to preserve energy for the necessary duty in life. Doing nothing, can therefore be a very enjoyable and stimulating activity. It is the cat’s way of being; zen, beautiful and devoted to itself.

Cat tail speakFelines communicate differently to humans than they do with cats, it is a necessary skill they developed to survive. However, their natural instinct is still a big part of their communication system. When interacting with them, we need to stay aware of their eyes, ears and tail, as they give clear signs whether or not they appreciate our presence and behaviour. When ignored or disrespected, they will lash out or use one of their innate communication skills to express their feelings. A valuable lesson to always be aware of non-verbal communication, with animals and humans!

“An animal’s eyes have the power to speak a great language.” ~ Martin Buber


Cats are known to be great healers. In exchange for food and a comfortable life, we get their friendship, affection, cuddles and purring. Research has proven the evidence that owning or being near cats, results in being more relaxed, both mentally and physically. As a cat owner you ‘know’ this already, especially when you are not feeling well or upset. The feline will find your lap and stay there until you feel more peaceful again. Their soft and velvet fur invite’s us to pet them and forget our thoughts and worries. While the cat is spinning and indulging our tender stroking, our tension is too being rubbed away.

Cat Purrs’ have healing power, vibrating within a range of 20-140 HZ, known to be medically therapeutic for many diseases:

  • cats-kiss-on-3rd-eye2Lowering stress.
  • Decreasing symptoms of dyspnoea in both cats and humans.
  • Lowering blood pressure.
  • Healing of bones.
  • A recent study shows that cat owners have 40% less risk of heart attack.
  • Help heal infection of swelling.
  • Healing of muscles, tendons and ligament injuries. The vibrations are also helpful for healing soft tissue.

For those who are fond of felines but are not in a situation that allows them the freedom to have one of their own; spending time at a local shelter or rescue centre does offer some of those same identified health benefits while the animals profit too.

Pets elevate and touch our souls with their presence in a way that no human ever could. These beautiful creatures are true angles that devote their lives to us.                   ~ David Russell


In ancient Egypt, cats were considered as Gods. They still carry this inheritance in their system and expect to be treated accordingly. As a cat owner, you will always be their servant. Whenever they want your attention, food, a door opened or anything they are determined to do or have, you will be notified, persistently, annoyingly, but very endearing at the same time. They are well aware of it and will use any opportunity to entice you to get what they want. Amazingly, they mostly do! As I’ve  said, we can learn from cats, as we too can achieve anything if we set our mind to it.

“You can keep a dog; but it is the cat who keeps people, because cats find humans useful domestic animals.”          ~ George Mikes

Within the kingdom of the feline, the cat rules the house! A perfect way to keep the cat owner, humble and grounded. Their little toilet always needs to be cleaned, no special day or occasion is a reason to skip. If this rule is ignored, they will protest, perhaps by leaving their ordure somewhere else in the house. It is a cat’s way to communicate, inviting us to listen with our heart.

Maintaining a healthy and clean fur can give nasty hairballs, that needs to come out, preferably on a nice rug or anything suitable within the cat’s territory. Being upset about it will not change anything. Acceptance and cleaning up the mess is the best we can do, indulging the Royal Highness with an extra cuddle.

_-Cat-relaxed1Like Buddha, cats teach us not to get too attached to our belongings or what our mind believes to be valuable. Your house is their territory. With complete confidence, it will scratch its nails on your favourite couch, carpet or clothes, totally ignoring the expensive cat tree you’ve bought for that purpose. Don’t get to excited when purchasing a cat toy either, as they are nearly as interesting as useless little things and empty boxes.


Underneath the coach of each cat is a hunter hidden, transforming an adorable cat into a fierce fighter. Danger lurks everywhere in a cat’s eye. With the intensity and concentration as if catching prey, they run behind a dead leaf, chase a ping pong ball or jump on your shoe laces. Demonstrating us to what they are capable of.

Just as humans, no cat is equally ambitious. The ‘relaxed cat’, for instance, likes to sleep, eat served food and live the comfortable life, with no specific goals and without any ambition to rise above themselves. The ‘adventurous cat’ is different, teaching us not to limit ourselves, by making a leap of faith and reach beyond our comfort zone. Nothing goes beyond the pleasure and excitement of catching a challenging target. Who said, we can’t combine a life of comfort, with a more adventurous and exciting lifestyle, while reaching towards our goals and dreams.


cats-playingCats are real opportunists, always looking for the best spots to sleep, preferably on a warm soft place. Buying an expensive cat basket, does not guarantee that it will be used for this purpose. They are independent thinkers and prefer to find their own place; on top of your laundry or on a pile of clothes in your wardrobe, in a comfortable seat and if possible on a warm lap.

The human bed is by far one of their favourite places to sleep, perfectly fitting their size! Always happily jumping on the bed, finding a comfortable place for a long sleep. Miraculously enough, during the night, they have a special talent to increase space for themselves, preferably ending up in the middle of the bed, the spot they deserve! Upon awakening, you will find yourself on the edge of the bed, nearly tumbling out of it. It’s a cat’s act of self-love and innate grandeur!

Don’t be surprised when they turn over some of your favourite belongings to get your attention. The more noise it makes, the better it is. We humans will never be fast enough to catch them in their act. As soon as you look up, they will stare at you with their calmest, innocent and adorable look, expressing: “Sorry it wasn’t me” or “I don’t know how this happened”. Perhaps one of those typical cat things, we humans will never understand, but makes them so incredibly attractive.

The cat can be our best friend, for better or for worse, turning our home into a loving, warm and friendly space.

Creator of Practical Life Guide. A practical guide for living a meaningful life with joy and purpose.


  • Frances

    Haha! What a wonderful share this is, Monique. Entertaining, and informative. Love it! 🙂 I’m not knowledgeable when it comes to cats, so found this to be particularly interesting . . .

    Hugs, Sis, and thanks again for the information and inspiration you share with us 🙂 _/l\_

    • Monique

      Thank you for your appreciation Frances! Cats are for sure very entertaining, and are holding a lot of information for us!! I only learned this since I met Ramona, who a had a cat. I used to be a bit scared for them too, because of their mysterious nature I think. Now, I can’t imagine living without them. Cats have their ways to find you too!
      Love and Hugs to you precious Sis ( ( ( ( ( ♡ ) ) ) ) )

      • Frances

        Yes, Sis – I do believe cats are wise creatures and that we can learn a lot from them. They appeal to me, and I love to connect with any I happen to come across . . .

        I just haven’t had one as a pet – yet! Maybe one day, when my lust for ‘freedom’ once again settles down and I return to feeling content to stay continuously in one place . . .

        Who knows, though!? If a cat happened to stroll in, and make itself at home? I don’t think I could/would turn it away . . . 🙂

        • Monique

          *smiling* what a lovely comment Frances!! I can just perfectly imagine you having a cat… someday. If it appears at your doorstep, you will be ready for it! I’m sure of that!! ツ ♡

  • Souli

    Thank you Monique, love this blog . I would never be without a cat companion, I adore them. I was without one once, never again. Lovely blog, lovely Lady ❤️

    • Monique

      Thank you Souli dear! I so agree, once you are touched by the companion of a cat, you can’t imagine living without them!! They really add so much value to our lives!!
      Love and Blessings to you and your little Angel! ツ ♡ =^.^=

  • Karen

    Ahhhh such a beautiful blog Monique, and I was so delighted to see this time it was going to be about cats. 🙂 And I agree with every word you have written! All animals are wonderful, but cats, somehow, have a sort of extraordinary and indefinable magic about them. As you know, I love them very dearly.

    The beautiful Poemba … you are so blessed to have her share your lives, just as she is so blessed to share yours. And I am happy for you all!

    Blessings of Love to you all ♡ =^.^= ♡

    • Monique

      Thank you Karen for your delightful comment. I just love how you feel and talk about cats, and I’m sure they feel it too! It’s a blessing indeed, to have known one (or more!) closely in your life. I’m indeed feeling blessed with Poemba and her amazing presence in my life. I’m always learning from her!
      She says:’Hi’ to you, as she is trying to communicate with me right now!! 😉
      Love and Blessings to you precious friend ♡ =^.^= ♡

  • Gabriela

    I love this blog so much , my dear Monique ! As you know , i’ve never had a cat …but had a little dog for over 18 years , so I fully understand how much pets enhance our lives …how they become part of the family and often take the lead in a household 🙂 ! …but we indulge them , because of all we get from them in return … my wish is that one day , maybe I will be lucky enough to have one in my life …I know 100% that I would love it and the benefits would be great for both of us ! I do share Frances opinion and if one day , one would ever make it’s way to my door , I would surely offer my home to it ! Till then … I love and enjoy reading about them and seeing them almost everywhere on FB ! …so many happy people and their cats out there ! 🙂
    Thank you so much for this lovely blog …hugs and blessings to you and Ramona and special cuddles for Poemba <3 🙂 <3

    • Monique

      *smiling* and yes, pets do enhance our lives, very much so! Having a dog for over 18 years sounds like a wonderful experience for both of you! I never had a dog, but I do sense what a faithful and affectionate animals they are, and will do anything to be near to you and please you. That’s the difference with cats, they are more the opportunist kind! 😉
      Perhaps one day you will find such companion, to enrich and enhance your life once again. Although having the time and space for them is important too, it’s an everyday commitment. To us, it feels like having a child… as you know!! 🙂

      Thank you for your lovely comment Gabriela dear, which I always so appreciate!
      Love and Blessings to you, from us
      ♡ =‘;’= ♡

  • Diane Randall

    Hi Monique! Love your Practical Life Guide, and this article on Cat as Life Teacher is wonderful. I adopted an older cat 2 years ago, hadn’t had a cat in a very long time. Being at home almost all the time gives me an added advantage I never had in the past. I have learned to “read” him very well, it’s so important. He has learned to trust me, even to let me carry him around like a baby – only once in a while! He is definitely a “man-cat,” royal and regal in every way, and he is the “boss of me!”

    So much to say, more than meets the eye here. First, he helps me to be in the present moment. Pat that kitty and talk to him, there’s no need – or room – for worry or multi-tasking. Plus it connects us in such a deep way. Cats so appreciate being comforted.

    I feel that Midnight is a lot like me – likes and needs peaceful quiet times and lots of sleep, and likes to be understood. To be loved unconditionally. I take extra time with him when others have been in my home. And, I need my “down-time” after any commotion, even visits with friends.

    What I’ve really noticed is how much we’ve grown together, Midnight and I, and how much more at peace he is than when I first brought him home from the shelter.

    I’d like to think Midnight would be sort of a care-giver cat, but he’s not, really. He’s gotten upset when I’m having an obvious difficulty. I’ve had to teach him, “Don’t block me,” for times when he tries to get in my way in the kitchen. He doesn’t like my walker, for the same reason, although he’s finally “allowed” me to drive it over his body lying on the floor! With both walker & power wheelchair, he stays put so I have to maneuver so close to his tail or feet. Which is so funny, I just have to laugh!

    Again: teaching me several things, not to take life – or myself – too seriously, to pay attention, to laugh with love instead of reacting negatively.

    On your pictures of cat’s poses and their meanings, I have one to add: Midnight will sit with his back to me, near his food bowl. He’s not twitching his tail. I know he is both: irritated but patiently waiting. He knows I’ll come through for him. He knows I’ll throw away perfectly good food that he let get old, and i’ll give him new food. He knows I’ll tell him what a good boy he is for “waiting” which I pronounce carefully. He seems rather to expect all of this, and more!

    I guess Midnight teaches me to expect to be treated with kindness, compassion, and unconditional love. And to enjoy naps!

    Thank you so much, Monique! Blessings to you always my dear, thank you for sharing your heart and helping so many of us to stay connected and inspired. <3

    • Monique

      Dear Diane,
      Thank you so much for sharing your personal experience with Midnight! He sounds delightful! Like humans, cats all have their own individual character too, which makes it all the more interesting. I do believe that the we choose or find each other as a perfect match. We both learn and gain. If we humans allow it and give the cat the time to get used to us, it’s a win/win situation.
      Isn’t wonderful how you’ve found each other, and how you’ve noticed an increased easiness in his way of being and how he is getting used to your way of living too, while you are learning so much from him! The best Buddha you can have _/|\_
      Feeling grateful for your input and your appreciation of my blogs.

      Sending you both Loving Blessings and that you may continuous learn, grow and love and take the maximal life and healing benefits! ツ ♡ =^.^=

  • Monalisa Joshi

    Hello Monique ..this is a nice blog written on felines but I have kept dogs before marriage and just know that how much love they give and it never feels like your are actually having or keeping an animal as a pet ..the love becomes so equal in our eyes that we begin to see them as family members just like human relations are and rather they appear more like children with all their playful modes and cuddling. Yes it was nice experience and took out my fears for dogs. So far we never had a cat in the house, so my knowledge to that is limited but I am sure it must be a same feeling like having a dog as a pet . May be in the future if ever I would be able to keep a cat or a cat chooses me to be its servant I will surely go for it 🙂 much love to you <3

  • Monique

    Dear Monalisa,
    Having had a pet in our life is for sure a blessing, for the exact reasons you mentioned.
    Each has their own innate qualities and individual characters, which makes it so special.
    I never had a dog in my life, but I can only imagine how wonderful that must be. I am too a bit scared of them. Perhaps I should consider taking one someday too! Who knows! 😉 They are such faithful animals and like you’ve said, part of the family!!
    Much Love to you and thank you for sharing your ‘pet’ experience!! ツ ♡

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