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Discernment is Key


Discernment is key, enabling you to stand in your own strength and work on your self-confidence. It is the ability to act and make choices in alignment with your deepest needs. An empowering way to becoming aware of yourself, who you are and what you want in life. Only then are you able to make choices that are best for you.

Setting Priorities

Throughout our life, we are often challenged between what we ‘think’ we should do, and what we ‘feel’ is best for us. I’ve been around the block a few times myself and know what it means to overcome challenges which take you out of balance. Hence, practicing discernment becomes necessary, to act in the advantage of your personal growth.

Life Journey

Take time to go within, and align yourself with the wisdom of your soul. Don’t let yourself be pushed or pulled into any situation which you might regret later. Keep  yourself from responding immediately.

Consider your decisions, especially when they have significant consequences. Make choices you feel confident about and give a sense of inner peace.

Engage with Kindred Spirits

Discernment also means engaging with people and situations you feel in alignment with. People who support your values and goals. After all, ‘what goes around, comes around’ and ‘what we give attention grows’.

Sometimes situations and people have served a great purpose in our life, but at some point, it is time to let go and move on. It may appear you are losing friends, in essence you are opening yourself to new connections that reflect your being. When your choices are made in alignment with your heart, the universe will always generate new opportunities suitable for you and your life path.

Connecting with kindred spirits is a very empowering way to keep believing in yourself and your goals in life. Today, social media offers us new and wonderful ways to connect with like-minded people all over the world. People who enhance the connectedness with our heart and spirit, which is a joyful and empowering experience. Still, discernment is key. Energy vampires are everywhere, which is not always visible at first sight! An easy and practical way to practice in your communications is: “Does the energy flow back to me, or does it drain me?”

Choose Wisely

This becomes even more important to High Sensitive Persons, who get drained very easily, as they absorb the energy of other people around them so naturally. Preserving your energy is a must to stay balanced. Besides choosing wisely with ‘whom’ and ‘what’ you connect, it is equally sensible to distance yourself from anything that drains your spirit. Retaining yourself from anything which does not add value to your life, is an excellent way to remain peaceful and stay focused.

Practice how to apply discernment in your life. You will be surprised how everything becomes easier and more flowing. The more clear and firm the decisions you make are, the greater will be your personal empowerment and freedom.

Go get it!

Creator of Practical Life Guide. A practical guide for living a meaningful life with joy and purpose.


  • Maria Susana Garcia

    Dear friend Monique .. How much you help us telling your experiences .. I am grateful .. God leads you .. and you are a beautiful soul full of love, who always give others… The best of you .. You are a beautiful soul of peace, love and harmony …

    • Monique

      Thank You Maria for your very beautiful and sincere words! I am honoured that you appreciate my blogs and that they are helping you!! I really love writing from my soul and in return I receive so much love and kindness from you and my beautiful community!!!
      Much Love to you ♡

  • Maria Susana Garcia

    Dear friend Monique .. How much you help us telling your experiences .. I am grateful … Perhaps I repeat some words … But It’s the truth … Thanks for spreead peace and love …

  • Rit

    Wat een aangename verrassing. Heerlijk lezen en zo’n mooi thema, lieve Monique! Ga het nog een paar keer moeten herlezen om het goed te laten doordringen, maar het geeft me weeral frisse moed, zekere ifv mijn doelen!
    Keuzes leren maken die me vertrouwdheid en geloof geven en innerlijke vrede bezorgen!
    Engagement met kinderlijke spirits ! Nieuwe mogelijkheden, verbonden met kinderlijke” spirits” is een sterke manier om in jezelf en je doelen te blijven geloven!Dank je ,lieve Monique,… ik haal hier weer heel wat energy, geloof , moed en zelfvertrouwen uit! Dikke knuf! ❤️

    • Monique

      Lieve Rit, wat fijn om te horen dat de blog je ondersteuning kan bieden bij je doelstellingen!! Je bent een echte doorzetter en samen met jouw innerlijke kracht en spirit gaat het helemaal goed komen!!
      Naar je innerlijke kind luisteren is inderdaad een belangrijk onderdeel in het ontwaken van jezelf. Ik vermoed dat jouw geliefde kleindochter je daar enorm mee helpt! Echter in deze blog heeft het de betekenis van ‘gelijkgestemden’. Mensen met wie je je op je gemak voelt, die je nemen zoals je bent en waar je jezelf bij kunt zijn.
      Bedankt voor je reactie Rit. Een dikke knuffel terug ((( ♡ )))

  • Monalisa Joshi

    Hello Monique, this was a very wise share and I must admit a new that I came across, truly unaware what it meant but I would like to share my experience on this as well …I am too a highly sensitive person this had often made me took wrong decisions as I was listening from my mind and not from my heart. I had gone through a lot of low in my earlier marriage days and the repeated mistake was that I was doing I kept on listening to the society and people ….it is a fact that we need attention when we are going through some bad phase and often the energies that come during those times are negative. But with time I have understood this that the only person we can trust is us of course and the best decision maker for ourselves is our intuition. You are right social media plays a greater role and the energy it omits is mostly uplifting and positive…..nevertheless with our conscious choice we can decide which energy to choose. I have always chosen the positive energy and this has helped me a lot ….Monique I have been feeling guided lately to share some of my experiences which I have been going through in the past days and this has a lot to do with Discernment….somehow I wasn’t aware of the term but unknowingly I was practicing it. I must thank you for sharing this amazing article and showing me the path. Love you…… sooooooo much you really have touched the chord from a writer to another….you truly are a blessed soul and a gem in my heart’s garden. <3 <3

  • Monique

    Monalisa dear, you really touch my heart with your beautiful and kind words. I know, discernment is a word not used very often, yet it is such important part in our journey to become authentic and free. We mainly learn by experience and I’m sure lot of people will recognise themselves in your story, ‘in one way or another’. Even though I know that cultural differences can play a big part in the freedom to express!
    I’m so proud of you sis, in the way you’ve grown, matured and have become such strong and beautiful woman. I know that you’ve had your struggles, but you’ve handled them so well. Your words speak of so much wisdom and understanding! With your beautiful writing talents, I encourage you to follow your heart and tell ‘write down’ your story. It will be very transforming and a perfect way to leave it behind!!
    I am very grateful for your friendship Mona, and the honesty and openness in which you share your thoughts and feelings!
    Much Love, many Blessings Sis☆ ♡

  • gabriela

    Once again , you put things in the right perspective for me …(and from what i see in other comments , so many others ) , my dear Monique !
    You are “the translator” of the many thoughts going through my mind and by reading your words I’m able to recognize the wrongs and rights that I struggle with and get the answers to so many questions that I cannot always manage on my own ! I am so grateful that through your voice , I get to know myself so much better … you helped me understand and come to terms with the fact that being “highly sensitive ” is not a fault and that you cannot really change what you are (the way people are normally advising) ! And yes , discerning is crucial for a life of quality and peacefulness ! We owe that to ourselves !
    Thank you for writing your invaluable blog and helping us along the way by sharing the wisdom that comes from your own experiences !
    Much love and blessings ,
    Gabriela !

  • Monique

    Blessings my Beautiful friend!! Thank you for your generous feedback!! It is such honour to be able to help you and others, by speaking/writing from my heart! I feel blessed that my experience and knowledge adds value, with a sense of understanding of yourself! Like you said:”we can not change who we are”. The better we understand and accept that… and ourselves, the easier we go through life. Yes,….”we owe that to ourselves”… more than anything else! Love that sentence!!
    Much Love Gabriela, I treasure your kindness, dedication and honesty ♡

  • Frances

    Dearest Monique, thanks so much for this helpful, supportive blog .

    Discernment is something I’ve always considered to be vital to our wellbeing; yet, when ‘caught in the thick of things’, I’ve been aware that our clear Heart-Knowing often evades us, leaving us caught up in our brains, our thinking, our egos, which just leads us further away from our Inner Wisdom . . .

    I’m grateful for your sharing here, as it supports me in the inner ‘struggles’ I’ve recently been feeling. So again – THANK YOU! 🙂

  • Monique

    Dearest Frances,
    Thank You for your insightful and honest reply. I know so well what you mean, and how feeling disconnected to our inner wisdom can make us wander and out of balance a bit. ‘Knowing’ that it is still with you anyhow, perhaps wanting to lead us to different directions in our lives, can be reassuring.
    It’s like with good friends…. you don’t always see them, but you ‘know’ they are there!! ツ

    Again, it is a lot about finding balance between becoming silent and go within….and act to make new plans.
    Blessings my beautiful friend and soul sister. You have it ALL within you to live your best possible life.
    Take it easy, take good care and take your time!!
    Love, Light, Blessings ♡ Hugs

    • Frances

      Yes, and thank you, Beloved Monique . . . _/l\_

      And thanks for being one of those good friends who I don’t see, yet KNOW, is there! ⎝⎝⎝ ❤️ ⎠⎠⎠

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