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How to make Relationships work for you!


Relationships can be challenging, yet they teach us valuable and insightful lessons, enabling us to look deeper within, questioning our motives, desires and the way we think about ourselves. Relations give us opportunities to unlock the essence of our nature, making us more vulnerable, open, understanding and appreciative of life in general. Continue Reading

Manifesting Wealth in Your Life

manifesting wealth

Wealth is not found in the money we collect, but in recognising our talents and the value, we place upon our innate worth. It is the force of life that creates momentum to manifest from our inner wealth, simultaneously opening a portal to receive abundance and rewards. When we work in alignment with our hearts calling, the universe becomes our employer that fully supports us in every step of the way. Continue Reading

Shine your Light


Light is what we are, igniting from the energy body as a reflection of our soul. It is seated within our heart and is expressed through love. It is the ever present and sacred energy of our being, in this human life and beyond. It is the part of us that never dies and has chosen for the experiences we have in this human incarnation. Continue Reading

Moving beyond Fear

moving beyond fear

Fear is the absence of love and a part of the material world, dividing our human experiences into positive and negative ones. It is a strong emotion dismissing change and the unexpected, with a strong need to control the process of life. Fear is wandering in the past and resists the future, creating separation and confusion. Continue Reading

Chi Energy, the Force of Life

Chi energy, the Force of Life

Chi is a radiant energy field, a subtle life force that penetrates through everything in the universe and keeps life flowing. It is the thread that runs through all that breathes, giving meaning and spirit to life. As a result, we are always connected to this magnificence field of chi energy, the  force of life, within ourselves and each other, with the animals and nature, our solar system and the universe itself. Continue Reading

The Value of Self Love

value of self love

In life, we all have a certain desire to feel valued and accepted for who we are. As a flower needs water and sunlight to grow, human beings need love and respect to become whole and balanced. This given is the foundation for self-love, which commences during our childhood when receiving unconditional love.
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Discernment is Key


Discernment is key, enabling you to stand in your own strength and work on your self-confidence. It is the ability to act and make choices in alignment with your deepest needs. An empowering way to becoming aware of yourself, who you are and what you want in life. Only then are you able to make choices that are best for you.

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HSP as a Gift


Up to 20% of humanity is born as a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP). These people mostly have very intuitive and empathic personalities and are easily overpowered when surrounded by big crowds. As a result they often feel confused and socially challenged, and therefore can become very uncertain of themselves.

You are most likely an HSP if you agree to more than one of the following:

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"Throughout my life I've worked through many life processes with the assistance of spiritual teachers, writers and guru's. However, the real change occurred when applying this knowledge into my daily life, directed with the wisdom of my heart and soul".Read More>>


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Relationships How to make Relationships work for you!

Relationships can be challenging, yet they teach us valuable and insightful lessons, enabling us to ...

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