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Authentic Empowerment


Walking your talk is living in authenticity, which requires you to be true to yourself in all you do, think and say. Hence, everything holds more richness and meaning and feels right within your heart.

Doubts, fears, and worries will be seen in a different light. Because when you flow in authenticity all negativity, which has been holding you back from being the real you, disappears. You start perceiving life differently, with more clarity and openness to what comes your way.


The more real you are to yourself, the easier it becomes to follow your heart and find your higher purpose. We all have the ability to play a unique instrument and be part of the universal orchestra. It is our job to trust and act on fine-tuning our birth gift.

However, many people remain stuck by a seemingly clear outlined life path, giving them a false idea of comfort, structure, and safety. Unaware of the potential and abilities to create an ‘outstanding’ life, motivated from within. Isn’t the purposes of life to ‘stand out’ in our very own and truthful way?

How truthful are we really, if following the crowd and going through life by standards made by others is more natural to us than living a self-created life? How honest are we in our communications? What do we send out and what do we attract? As one of my facebook friends once stated so adequate:“When we aren’t true to ourselves, what exactly are we giving away?” In the end, we are always responsible for our own actions.

Open and Responsible

True authenticity is not found in the world around us but through the journey within. It is our task to become receptive to what life offers us and to the messages we receive on a daily basis. It starts by trusting ourselves and the unfolding process, allowing the energy of life to flow through us.

By taking full responsibility for what is happening in your life, you will no longer feel victimised or indifferent to what you do or who you are. Your perception of life will change in an empowering way, and you will engage relationships with people who reflect this quality.

Honest and Accepting

Authenticity1By becoming honest and real, you won’t necessarily please everyone. It’s impossible, as we are all very different and have different life-paths to walk. We are all born to follow your own heart and walk your own authentic path. Hence, it is important always to be aware of our intentions, as this will determine in a big way the results of your actions.

As you start to value and respect yourself, you will learn to accept your imperfections. You know you are not perfect, but by Walking Your Talk, you open doors for living an open, honest and engaged life. You awaken to what truly matters.


Seven Steps to Authentic Empowerment

  1. Value Yourself. Accept yourself for who you are, with the qualities you have. Believe in yourself and feel proud of all you have achieved so far, and the challenges you have overcome. By being authentic and sharing with sincerely, you create value and personal empowerment, because you feel valuable from within.
  2. Aligning with Yourself. Alignment between your thoughts, feelings, and emotions, will get you to of authentic empowerment. You can attain this through self-reflection and by spending time alone. When connected to what is happening inside of you, you will feel more confident about yourself and the world around you. As a result, you will act from a place of courage and trust, instead of fear or uncertainty.
  3. Find Your Purpose. Finding your purpose in life can be challenging. We learn by practicing. Every job, relationship or situation you encounter, offers new opportunities to learn more about yourself. They provide stepping stones, to move forward and discover what makes us most happy in life.
  4. Intention. Be aware of the intentions behind your thoughts and actions, as they determine the quality of the outcome. When your intentions are based on selfishness, you most likely will receive equal energy in return. If your intentions are founded on purity and honesty, it has the potential to unfold in countless beautiful ways.
  5. Don’t Compare. Comparing yourself to others adds no value, as it mainly takes away your focus and authenticity. There will always be people who are better at something as you are. We are all unique in our very own way; that makes you valuable. Stay focused on your talents and uniqueness. It will result in strength and growth!
  6. Taking Responsibility. Taking responsibility for the unfolding of your own life is the beginning of living an authentic life. There is no one to blame, not even yourself for anything that didn’t go the way you had anticipated. Using your true potential is the best possible way to live authenticly. Lift the veil of created illusions, and manifests the greatness within yourself.
  7. Don’t Please Everyone. Speaking of a genuine and authentic self will not please everyone. Stop trying, trust yourself and do what feels right for you. Connect with those who recognize your potential and see an equal truth within themselves.


Creator of Practical Life Guide. A practical guide for living a meaningful life with joy and purpose.


  • Dina

    Helder raak inspirerend blog Monique!
    Heb hem doorgestuurd naar Ben
    Liefs Dineke

  • Karin

    My dearest friend. Your message just came at the very right time. Every word I so much feel resonance to. It is like the universe has send your message right to me (in fact I have attracted it, I know). However, I am in a place in life, where clarity and transformation is the headline. It is challenging because I still feel the false idea of comfort, structure and safety. This idea is like inprinted in my DNA and it is very strong. But I also see those emotions coming up to the surface because I can recognize them and letting my inner light shine on them. The transformation is in motion. Don’t compare, you write. What an accurate discription of what I have done lately. And because of those negative thoughts my energy level has been very low. I want to be the authentic me. I want to share the authentic me. That’s all I want.

    • Monique

      Karin dear, I’m very pleased to hear that you received this message so well and at the right time! Isn’t wonderful how the Universe works! I know you as a beautiful authentic person. Your posts ‘always’ hold such enlightening energy, emitting the light of your beautiful soul! I’m positive your current transformational process will lead you to situations that enhance and deepens that inner knowing. Feeling liberated to be all that you are, because you are born to do so!! It can indeed be very challenging to release old imprinted patterns, which have been part of our DNA for such long time. I believe you are more than ready to do so!!
      Do what makes YOU happy dear friend!! The world needs your pureness and rawness!!
      Blessings _/|\_ ♡

  • Maria Susana Garcia

    I thanks you dear Monique … very much … because you touch some points of our life that are important indeed … Of course you help us … This is great … How much blessed you are sending this comments at the exact moment we need …
    Blessings my dear friend Monique … NAMASTE

    • Monique

      Feeling Blessed and Grateful to be able to share this with you all Maria!
      Thank You for your kindness and sincerity!!
      Blessings and Namaste _/|\_

  • Gabriela

    Thank you for The “Seven Steps” , Monique ! a lot of wisdom there , once again ! Thank you for bringing these helpful tools into focus …we all may think we already know , but the truth is that one tends to get lost and I , for one , i’m so very grateful to read your eloquent and easy to follow advice and try to apply it to my life in the best way i can !
    I found this particular blog very important , so once again …Thank you for being there , Monique …many Blessings to you ! 🙂 <3

  • Monique

    Thank You Gabriela, for your infinite enthusiasm and sincere interest to my blogs. It fills my heart with joy to know that I can assist in making anyone’s life more joyful and bountiful, … by writing from the heart! You are so right, about the importance to be reminded at times, to stay on track in our pursuit to happiness and fulfilment…. as it is very easy to get distracted in life.
    Infinite Blessings of Joy and Peace to You ☮ _/|\_ ♡

  • Martine

    Dear Monique, your message gave me so much courage and hope!
    Heartfull thnx!
    May you continue to be a big guiding and shiny light!

    • Monique

      Thank You Martine, for your kind words!! So nice to see you here!!
      LoveLight Blessings to you!! ♡

  • Frances

    ‘We all have the ability to play a unique instrument and be part of the universal orchestra’. Oooh, how I LOVE that line, dearest Monique. And backing it up with ‘However, it is our job to trust and act on fine-tuning our birth gift’ is SO perfect, I feel! I love the image that’s created, as it expresses in a nutshell all you’re sharing with us here, and helps keeps the message alive not only in our thinking, but in our inner ‘vision’. LOVE it! 🙂

    Thanks heaps for yet another of your rich, heartfelt sharings which helps us align with our truest Selves, Beloved Sis. Huge Hug of Love and Appreciation from my Heart to yours . . . _/ ❤️ \_

    • Monique

      Thank You Frances dear for your warm and kind response!! You are so generous!!! It really means a lot to me, knowing that my blogs come across exactly how I intend it to be!
      What more can I say, I am so very grateful for your friendship and your support to what I love doing most! ツ
      Much Love beloved Sis ♡ Big Hug and infinite appreciation for who you are!!

  • Rit

    Dank je, lieve Monique, voor je duidelijke uitleg rond authenticiteit! Zal het nog een paar keer doornemen! De tips zijn heel duidelijk en je merkt vlug wat je probleem is. Vooral het zelfvertrouwen, hoewel ik eerlijkheid erg belangrijk vind, wordt vlug geraakt door reacties van anderen en wat dan overblijft is twijfel.volgens mijn oudste dochter ben ik teveel met mezelf bezig sinds ik naar Lieve ga!dat kwetst ! Want ja, Lieve werkt met mij ook rond zelfaanvaarding en jezelf graag zien! Moeilijk hoor! Liefs, Rit ❤️

  • Rit

    Raar… Heb juist een comment gestuurd maar is niet aangekomen ! Ben blij met je mooie duidelijke uiteenzetting rond authenticiteit, lieve Monique! Ook je duidelijke 7 stappen zijn een enorme hulp.
    Het grote probleem bij mij is toch steeds twijfel , gebrek aan zelfvertrouwen. Ik vind eerlijkheid tgo mezelf en anderen belangrijk. Maar als ik negatieve reacties krijg, twijfel ik direct aan mezelf. Zo zei mijn oudste dochter dat ik alleen aan mezelf denk sinds ik naar Lieve ga! Dat kwetst heel erg, want ik sta altijd klaar voor hen. Maar het is natuurlijk wel zo dat Lieve veel bezig is om mezelf te leren aanvaarden en graag zien.
    Moeilijk hoor!Liefs, Rit ❤️

    • Monique

      Lieve Rit,
      Je berichtjes zijn beiden goed aangekomen! Het is inderdaad vaak zo, dat een verandering in jezelf ook negatieve reacties van de buitenwereld kan oproepen. Ze zijn niet gewend aan deze nieuwe persoon en hebben tijd nodig om daar aan te wennen. Het kan ook zijn dat mensen zich bedreigt voelen door jouw daadkracht, waar ze niet aan gewend zijn. Je bent nu niet meer zo gemakkelijk te manipuleren.
      Vooral in deze fase van jouw leerproces bij Lieve denk ik dat het goed is om vooral aan jezelf te denken, wat zeker niet wil zeggen dat je er niet voor de ander kan zijn. Maar de basis ligt altijd bij jezelf. Als je goed voor jezelf zorgt en jezelf kunt aanvaarden zoals je bent, creëer je ‘juist’ ruimte om met meer compassie naar je medemens te kunnen kijken. Het leven wordt gemakkelijker als je gaat leven volgens de ingevingen van je intuïtie.
      Het komt allemaal goed. Geef het de tijd en vertrouw op je eigen process, die voor ieder van ons uniek is!!
      Liefs en een warme omhelzing ((((( ♡ )))))

  • Rit

    Dank je,lieve Monique, nu weet ik dat ik er niet verkeerd aandoe met Lieve haar coaching en opdrachten uit te voeren! Raar en tof hoe het overeenkomt met wat jij me leert! Ik voel me nu een stuk zekerder… dank je!
    En ik hoop het te kunnen volhouden want de basis, nl jezelf accepteren en graag zien is belangrijk om open-minded naar de buitenwereld te gaan. Ik heb het ook heel moeilijk mijn mening te zeggen als dit anderen kwetst, met als gevolg dat reacties van anderen zich opstapelen, hoewel ik die moet kunnen loslaten… zoals je zegt: als je eerlijk je mening zegt, valt dit niet bij iedereen in goede aarde, maar je kan immers niet voor iedereen goed doen! Dank je… mijn zelfwaardegevoel , zowel door je blog, maar ook vooral door je antwoord , helpt me enorm… nu nog volhouden en stoppen met opkroppen wat anderen vinden en ik op dat moment niet durf antwoorden om mogelijke onenigheid te voorkomen! Veel liefs… je bent uniek en zo belangrijk voor vele mensen! ❤️

  • Monalisa Joshi

    Hello Monique…this is an amazing article written and every word is well written emitting the truth and wisdom …..this is so true we need to find out authentic self and this truly removes the fear that surrounds us when we are not aware of our purpose….but unfortunately I see so many people around me are so busy in competing with others in clothes, monetary wise, status wise even look wise …this all seems so imperfect ….and I see them living in their own fake world with so much tension ….I feel grateful that I am able to see my path and do not feel myself in competition with the world. … thanks Monique for bringing this great topic and explaining it so well especially the seven steps they are worth reading again and again . love you SiStar <3

    • Monique

      Thank You Monalisa for your appreciation! Yes, I agree with everything you say about our competitive world. Yet when we start walking our own path, that all seem to evaporate. We become the observer, and somehow are not be part of that ‘reality’ anymore!
      I believe that has already happened to you and all who recognise it, for that I’m very grateful…. because living in a competitive world is a hard burden to carry. Thank God we always have a choice!! ツ
      Blessings SiStar and thank you for your infinite enthusiasm and encouragement.
      Much Love companion!! ♡

  • Rit

    Lieve Monique,
    Heb je blog en je tips nog eens doorgenomen… hoop dat ze me sterk maken de komende periode!helaas laten teveel droevige gebeurtenissen weinig plaats voor positiviteit! Dikke knuf! ❤️

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