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Moving beyond Fear

moving beyond fear

Fear is the absence of love and a part of the material world, dividing our human experiences into positive and negative ones. It is a strong emotion dismissing change and the unexpected, with a strong need to control the process of life. Fear is wandering in the past and resists the future, creating separation and confusion.

To some extent, we all know the fear of failing, for being judged, not excepted for who we are. On a deeper level, the fear for our safety and survival. Less obvious, the fear of becoming successful or bigger than we ever dared to dream.

Resistance as an Opportunity

Fear comes from being out of tune with love, disconnecting us from our core being and restraining us from living our lives to the fullest. Whatever we fear becomes the gatekeeper for our personal expansion, affecting the quality of our lives, taking away our inner peace, joy and freedom. Because, the quality of all we do carries the energy of our deepest belief system and is visible through our behaviour, manifestations and to all we attract into our lives.

Fear resists the unknown, in particular, change. Jet, change is part of our existence, providing us with opportunities to discover our strength and ability to master our present circumstances with confidence and trust. Resistance can be used as a chance to balance the positive and negative within ourselves, and as an opportunity to rise higher.

“Life begins where fear ends.” ~ Osho

False Evidence Appearing Real

In some case, fear comes from within, to warn us when we are about to make a decision that is not good for us or when we need to get away in a certain situation. It is our innate ‘Fight or Flight’ response or ‘Forget Everything And Run’, keeping us away from dangerous or undesirable situations.

However, most fear we experience comes from the mind and is related to experiences from the past, stored in the cells of the brain and throughout our energy system. It is a dormant emotion, coming alive when it feels an energy that equals that of the memory. Its function is to protect us from happening again. However, we can move beyond that, by looking into the appropriateness of the current situation.

When you experience fear, try to find out where it comes from, is it realistic or is it the mind playing its tricks, afraid to lose control. More often than not, it might be an old, well known and repeating kind of message, related to a negative experience from the past. In any case, fear is never a very good advisor.


Face Everything And Rise

When you experience fear or doubt, it is important to ground yourself and recenter in the heart. Be silent for a moment, meditate or take a walk, to understand the message behind the emotion. Allow the fear to move through your body; observe it, recognise and accept it for what it is. By giving it the needed attention you create a gateway to work with it and finally let it go. Releasing accumulated emotions from the past, will set you free and reveal the unprejudiced and pure nature of the soul. Generating uplifting and motivating thoughts, arising from love, with the acquired ability to move beyond fear.

“Whoever can see through all fear will always be safe.” ~ Tao Te Ching

Global Fear

The world is a hectic place to live, with continuous disturbing events and tragedies. These occurrences might overwhelm us with heavy emotions, such as despair, confusion, anger or fear. As a result, we attract more of the same and a divided world becomes our personal reality. Fear lacks the energy of love and the possibility to look with compassion to what is happening on the world scene. We can master ourselves by just observing the situation with the perception of the heart.

Fear-swinging-above-city1Our Global connectedness makes us aware of all tragedies happening around us. Validating mainstream media to promote fear and duality between nations, countries, cultures and religions. Spreading fear benefits ‘the people in power’, with the intention to make us numb to our inner voice and at the same time influence us to their controlling rules. Rules and regulations that reinforce feelings of revenge and duality, which totally misses the foundation of humanness and solidarity. Nevertheless, on a personal level, we always have a choice how we deal with it.

We cannot carry the world on our shoulders, neither can we find the solution to all world issues, but we do have the capacity to make a difference in the way we deal with circumstances outside of ourselves. More than anything else, we need to take personal responsibility for the energy we emit, which radiates the energy of our thinking and feeling. We can achieve peacefulness, by staying connected to our loving light, present in our heart and soul. The place that enables us to manifest joy and purpose. By using our talents and gifts, we move beyond fear, by making ourselves valuable from within. It is the energy that brings peace and faith into this world, arising from joy and fulfilment.

“Once you realize that all comes from within, that the world in which you live is not projected onto you, but by you, your fear comes to an end.”

~ Nisargadatta Maharaj

Wisdom of the Heart

The heart carries innate wisdom, revealed to us by our intuition. When the heart is leading, we will always know whether, and which action is required in a certain situation. If the mind follow’s the wisdom of the heart, fear will evaporate and be replaced by trust, confidence and inner knowing, enabling us to make better choices, in harmony with the heart.

When in doubt about making choices and the effect it might have on you or others, remember that when it feels good to you, it is inevitably good for the other as well. We might not see it, but you will feel it through the connected thread of oneness. Trust your heart and the process, and let go of all that does not serve your highest purpose.

“Moving beyond fear will move you towards your purpose, destiny and faith.”

~ Monique van Ooteghem


Upper image credit: “Natural fires burning across Oregon by Paul C. Grasser 

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  • Alain

    Dear Monique,

    This is very well written and powerful blog post.
    It really explores the many facets in relation to fear and the negative impact it has on us all at so many different levels.
    I also relates to our ability to transcend Fear from within where it is born and how to abort It before It brings us on this in-harmonious path that is so very often so destructive of ourselves and Ourselves as ONE with “All That Is”.
    Thank You so much for all the Love and Light you share My Friend.
    Much Love and Many Blessings back at You Sistar 😉 ♡

    • Monique

      Dear Alain,
      Thank you for your heartfelt and insightful comment and the appreciation of my blog!! I very much appreciate it. I find comfort in the journey and moves we create in our personal lives! ツ
      Much Love, Joy and Inspiration for your journey my friend!! ♡

  • Gabriela

    A perfect time for this insightful Blog , my dear Monique , as we are all experiencing a certain degree of fear more often these days due to so much violence in our new World!
    I am particularly grateful to your wise words of encouragement , for I was born a very fearful person.
    I managed to get through a long life of “courageous events” in spite of all my visceral fears somehow and I often attribute the help to …. The Universe !
    I’ve learned to embrace my fears as well , for they made me act with caution (perhaps overly so at times) saving me from a lot of harm , but I do admit that I could have accomplished a lot more had I been more aware and educated in how to overcome the debilitating fear.
    It’s never too late to learn and it’s one more of the reasons I cherish having you as a Friend and Mentor!
    Thank you again for all you do for me and so many others through your wonderful and helpful , insightful Blogs!

    Many Blessings to you , beautiful Soul ! _/ l \ _ <3

    • Monique

      Thank you Gabriela dear, for sharing your personal experience in relation to ‘fear’ with us. Like I’ve said in my blog, I truly believe that to some degree, we all do, or have suffered, from some kind of fear in our life. You might have experience fear towards some area’s, but I admire your courage and fearless moves you’ve made in your life, like moving to another country and start a living there, be successful and start your own company. Last but not least, create your own comfortable life in New York…. of all places!! All reasons to be proud of yourself and no need for regrets, we are all work in progress!
      Thank you once again for your sincere and encouraging words. I really appreciate them… and you beautiful friend!!
      Loving Blessings in return _/|\_ ♡

  • Monalisa Joshi

    Hello Dear Monique…indeed a very insightful and much needed topic has been shared by you. You are right the fear that has nowadays surrounded the air is that of world chaos…I was fearful of watching the news for many days, it truly scared me. I got worried about my loved ones then slowly I released all of it, thinking that I cannot control the world issues but I can control my fears and this made me feel better. Having said this I would like to share few of my personal experiences…I have always been this shy and calm girl who never knew the people from outside, I easily trusted everyone and shared my heart to them..soon I realized that they were all using me for their self purpose. And now I have become very selective of whom I am friends with in the real world..and what I share with them. No one can enter your personal space until you let them rule it, this was my lesson from some people. Secondly you know how Indian marriages are…here they try to dominate you at the fullest, and I was too dominated in the beginning living with fear all the time and in those days I saw no hope for myself…but soon when things began to repeat with me , I realized that people were actually enjoying scaring me and I rose up held my head high with dignity and pride. No sooner I realized my self worth I was respected and those people who bossed me, they all seemed so small to me. I released my fears and saw that I created it, all the abuse that I had faced was because of my own fears and insecurities. But now I am free of all that..Thank you Monique for writing this blog, you have written it extremely well, very perfect choice of diction, language and the flow of words was amazing…not to forget the quote in the end by you , so well thought of. Much Blessings and love to you <3

    • Frances

      I loved reading this, Monalisa. Such a beautiful and powerful demonstration of courageously facing fear, and thereby overcoming it. Seeing it for the paper tiger it really is . . .

      Namaste, Beloved Sis _/|\_

    • Monique

      Thank you Monalisa dear, for sharing your personal experience with us!
      I admire the way you have overcome your fear and the way it empowered you to stand up for yourself and get to know your self-worth. It has taught you a valuable life lesson and made you free again… moving you towards your purpose and destiny!! No one can take that away from you!
      I’m very pleased for you that you have been able to create your life as it is today, by transforming stumbling blocks into stepping stones!
      Thank you once again for your appreciation of my blog and your very kind and encouraging words!
      Love and Blessings to you!! _/|\_ ♡

  • Maria Susana Garcia

    Well said dear friend Monique .. This is true indeed .. We must explore inside us to find the cause of our fears … This article is very complete … Because we can see the different kind of fears .. You encourage us to fight against it … I send you many. many blessings ..
    Your blog is really beautiful …

    • Monique

      Thank you Maria for your beautiful and kind words. It encourages me in the development and continuation of my writings.
      Love and Blessings to you my friend ♡

  • Frances

    Ah, yes. Fear – the great misleader, that which distorts and so greatly diminishes our Power, our Potential.

    LOVE this! As always, your gentle yet powerful sharing fills me with a buoyant energy through its ability to reach out and touch my Heart, and my own Heart Knowingness/Remembrance. Once again, dear Sis, you aid us all by shining Light on an aspect of our lives which so clearly needs to be made conscious, around which we need to develop astute awareness if we are to live Vibrantly, Peacefully, Joyfully . . .

    THANK YOU, Beloved Monique. You, and your writings, are greatly loved and appreciated by me, and obviously by many of us 🙂 _/|\_

    • Monique

      Frances dear, your warm, sincere and loving words touch my being. It is really a bliss for me to know that my writings are appreciated. I let myself guide by my intuition in the process of creation. It is my way to get my energy flowing. I am very grateful to be able to share it with you and all.. and even more that it is received in well and in the way I intended it to be!!
      THANK YOU Beloved Sis for your kindness, generosity and shining YOUR Light in such beautiful way!!!
      Love and Appreciation from me to you ツ _/|\_ ♡

      • Frances

        That you follow your Heart/Intuition is clear to me, dear Monique, as your sharing is filled with a Light far greater than can shine from the brain/mind alone . . . 🙂

        Thank you for your kind words, Beloved Sister-of-the-Soul.
        Namaste ♡ _/|\_ ♡

  • Leonard

    Thank you Monique for this well written blog. What I love most is that you take your experience from a broad base of teachings and yet they all have the same core message.
    I read an exceptional book this year called from Fear to Freedom from Dr. Russ Harris. I applied the following acronym and there are many to describe fear but this is one I particularly like. F= Fusion with thoughts, E= Excessive Goals, A= Avoidance of discomfort and R= Remote from Values.
    Wonderful to read your blog and be connected and to enjoy the journey of life with soul centered individuals.

    • Monique

      Dear Leonard, thank you for your kind comment and words of appreciation!! What a great mention of Dr. Russ Harris. I’d not heard about him before and watched some video’s with him. I really like his messages and his (energy) personality!! Thank you so much for mentioning him, it is always a pleasure to get to know people how are on the same journey… like you Leonard!!
      Thank you once again for being here and sharing your experience/findings with me/us.

      Namaste _/|\_

  • Rit

    Dank je Monique voor dit belangrijk onderwerp, waarbij je zoveel duidelijke inzichten geeft. Alleen het besef dat angst iets is datt we zelf creëeren en dat die verdwijnt door ze te durven observeren , is een opluchting!
    Het besef dat ze voor confusie en twijfels aan jezelf( bij mij toch) zorgt, is dus iets waar je aan kan werken door ze gewoon objectief te durven bekijken en te laten verdwijnen zonder de baas te laten spelen. Inderdaad… we zijn zelf verantwoordelijk voor ons leven en het genieten ervan op die manier die we nog kunnen, zonder onze grenzen te overschrijden: verleggen is goed, maar overschrijden doet meer kwaad dan goed… daar komt ook weer onze angst zich moeien… en wij moeten ons leven zelf leiden vanuit onze positieve ingesteldheid. Angst leidt tot twijfel aan jezelf. En wat mezelf betreft moet ik sterker in mijn schoenen staan.Ik heb het onlangs ondervonden zoals je weet:volledig eerlijk tegen mezelf kunnen zeggen:” ik heb niets fout gedaan, wel iemand op een leugen betrapt die mij aanging, nl iemand die wel naar een workshop geweest was en dat tegen mij verzwegen had … en boos werd omdat ik vroeg waarom ze daarover loog… dat ik daar toch niets van zou maken… zoiets onnozel en toch maakte her die persoon boos. Omdat ze zich betrapt voelde misschien?
    Was er niet goed van omdat ze zo hevig reageerde … angst? twijfel , niet aan mijn eerlijkheid, maar toch verwarring. Uiteindelijk heb ik terug toenadering gezocht, terwijl zij eigenlijk fout was… maar ik kan niet tegen ruzie, zeker niet als van een mug een olifant gemaakt wordt!
    Heeft dit dan ook met angsten te zien? Ik weet het niet .
    Loslaten is moeilijk en brengt misschien angst mee.
    Tijd brengt raad om mezelf te vinden en niet te laten ” omhakken”!
    Ben altijd zo blij met je mooie inzichten en raad, die zo vlot uit je pen vloeit.
    Dank je daarvoor en voor de mooie ” zijn” … je hebt me al zoveel geholpen!
    Veel liefs en warme knuf! Rit

  • Monique

    Beste Rit, het is fijn om te vernemen dat je een vorm van ondersteuning ervaart door het lezen van mijn blog. Het zijn onze gerichtje acties die uiteindelijk de werkelijke verandering teweeg brengen, processen met vallen en opstaan, die ons uitendelijk dichter bij onszelf brengen.
    Vaak is angst ook de emotie die schuilt gaat achter boosheid. Het is goed om iemand te vergeven en vrede te sluiten, maar nooit ten koste van jezelf natuurlijk. Eerlijkheid naar jezelf is vaak belangrijker dan je gekwetste gevoelens opzij zetten voor de goede vrede. Je gevoel zal je altijd duidelijk maken wat goed voor je is, door middel van innerlijke rust. Door jezelf te zijn trek je ook mensen aan die jouw respecteren en accepteren zoals je bent. Daarin schuilt je innerlijke en werkelijk kracht die angst en onzekerheid doen verdwijnen. Het is niet altijd gemakkelijk, maar zeker niet onmogelijk!!
    Veel Liefs en een arme omhelzing ♡

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